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Women's Charity CupFixtureResultsTable
Women's Premier LeagueFixtureResultsTable
Women's Reserve LeagueFixtureResultsTable
Women's Division 1FixtureResultsTable
Women's Division 2FixtureResultsTable
Women's Division 3FixtureResultsTable
Women's Division 3 (A)FixtureResultsTable
Women's Division 3 (B)FixtureResultsTable
Women's Division 4FixtureResultsTable
Women's Division 5FixtureResultsTable
Women's Collegiate LeagueFixtureResultsTable
Women's Collegiate League (A)FixtureResultsTable
Women's Collegiate League (B)FixtureResultsTable
Under 17 Girls RedFixtureResultsTable
Under 17 Girls BlueFixtureResultsTable
Under 15 Girls RedFixtureResultsTable
Under 15 Girls BlueFixtureResultsTable
Under 13 Girls RedFixtureResultsTable
Under 13 Girls BlueFixtureResultsTable
Under 12 Blue JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 12 Red JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 12 Yellow JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 13 A JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 13 B JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 13 C JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 14 A JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 14 B JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 14 C JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 15 A JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 15 B JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 15 C JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 16 A JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 16 B JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 17 A JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 17 B JPLFixtureResultsTable
Under 12 JSL RedFixtureResultsTable
Under 12 JSL BlueFixtureResultsTable
Under 12 JSL YellowFixtureResultsTable
Under 13 JSL RedFixtureResultsTable
Under 13 JSL BlueFixtureResultsTable
Under 14 JSL RedFixtureResultsTable
Under 14 JSL BlueFixtureResultsTable
Under 15 JSL FixtureResultsTable
Under 16 JSLFixtureResultsTable
U12 Junior CupFixtureResultsTable
U13 Junior CupFixtureResultsTable
U14 Junior CupFixtureResultsTable
U15 Junior CupFixtureResultsTable
U16 Junior CupFixtureResultsTable
U17 Junior CupFixtureResultsTable
Women's Premier CupFixtureResultsTable
Women's Division 1/2/3 CupFixtureResultsTable
Women's Division 4/5/Collegiate CupFixtureResultsTable
Under 17 Girls CupFixtureResultsTable
Under 15 Girls CupFixtureResultsTable
Under 13 Girls CupFixtureResultsTable
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Any Day


The Parks - Futsal - U11/12Fixture Results Table
The Parks - Futsal - U13/14Fixture Results Table
The Parks - Futsal - U15Fixture Results Table
The Parks - Futsal - U16/19Fixture Results Table
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Any Day


Corporate Challenge 2015Fixture Results Table
2015 African Nations CupFixtureResultsTable
AMG Football - 35+/45+FixtureResultsTable
AMG Football - 50+/55+ (Group 1)FixtureResultsTable
AMG Football - 50+/55+ (Group 2)FixtureResultsTable
AMG Football - WomenFixtureResultsTable
AMG FutsalFixtureResultsTable
Manchester United Premier CupFixtureResultsTable

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