Congratulations to Pohnpei

The FSM NOC and all the volunteers from the Competition Manager through to the Umpires , the two scorers Leon Panuello and Ricky Olter who tirelessly scored every gAame (including the 3 games on Monday) I sincerely thank them. To the Ground crew Inoke Niubalavu and the many helpers including local Rodney Annes (PNI) – these guys were at the field every day at 6.30am to ensure the field was plamore

Other committed contacts in FSM

Jose Joab
Toshio Akinaga
Leon Panuelo Jr. more

Micro Games Baseball SCoreboard


8th Micronesian Games

Nimgil win the Yap games

The Nimgil Baseball Club done what no one thought they could do, they won the Yap Games Baseball Competition by doing it the hard way, by coming through the losers bracket of the double knock out tournament.more

Coaches and Umpires accredited

Certified May 22nd 2011


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