Pre-Season Conference this Sunday 21st September 2014

This is an excellent opportunity to catch up on all new information for the up-coming season.

The sessions are set up so that your club volunteers can attend the session they need, they do not need to stay for the other sessions.

CDM’s and Club Presidents will hopefully gain the information they need by attending the Season Information Session and the information delivered after lunch by NTFC CEO, Jarred Ilett and Talent and Education Manager, Tavis Perry.

10:30am Umpires session for coaches which will include:

  • The new Laws DVD,
  • Umpire Positioning, and
  • Q&A Session  

10:30am Time-Keepers Course: All time keepers will need to attend this session.

11:30am Season Information Session that will include:

  • Match Management Issues, and
  • By-Law Changes

11:30am Tribunal Advocate Training: All Tribunal Advocates will need to attend this session.

12:30pm Lunch

1:00pm NT Thunder, Player Movement Plans, Remote Talent Programs

2:00pm Finish.