Fixture Highlights and Other Updates about games between the 10th Oct to 20th Oct.

Please be aware of differences to normal fixtures due to events at the Stadium.To find out about this clickmore

Aussie Hoops

Due to a lack of numbers Aussie Hoops has been cancelled in the 4th school term. Readmore

McBiddy Ball and new start times

From the start of term 4 of the school year McBiddy Ball will now begin at 4.15pm on Tuesday & Thursday and run through to 5pm. Basketballs will be made available from 4pm and sign-in will occur between 4.10pm and 4.15pm.more

New Season Competition News

As highlighted frequently recently the competitions have closed on Friday 19th September. We've had a record 410 team entries for the 2014/15 Summer season.more

Insured Player List - Bendigo Basketball

All players must be insured to play basketball. Check the player list to see if you're insured.more

Junior Braves

To review information about Junior Braves go to the menu on this website labelled Junior Braves. This includes information on training times etc.more

Team Codes

To link yourself to the team or to pay insurance you will need your team code. Team codes are available here (click more).more

Players Looking To Join A Team or Teams Looking For Players

Short on players. Why not check this list of players wanting to play basketball or teams trying to find players.more

Introduction to Bendigo Basketball

The document you can review here may answer many of the questions you may have about the Bendigo Basketball Association Domestic Competition.more

FRIDAY CHANGES: 10th October Fixture

Outside Venues will be used due to stadium being unavailable! Please check the fixture carefully..more

Basketball News - August 2014 Newsletter

The most important newsletter of the year. A must read to keep up to date with current season coming into finals and new season news and information.more

New Season and By-Law Changes

Upon the Summer 2014/15 season commencing the following By-Law changes will take place. Click on more to find our further information.more

Junior Braves Teams announced

The 2014/15 Junior Braves teams have been announced.more

Playing or not playing a zone

Below is some information in relation to the playing or not playing of a zone.more

Basketball News - July Newsletter

Click on more to be taken to the latest information from the Bendigo Basketball Association.more

Annual General Meeting - Bendigo Basketball Association

The Annual General Meeting of the Bendigo Basketball Association Inc. will be held on Wednesday 20th August starting at 6.45pm in the Bendigo Stadium Sky Lounge.more

Bendigo Bank Fun Run

The Bendigo Bank Annual Fun Run will be again be held this year in raising vital funds for Bendigo Health.more

Basketball News - June Newsletter

Read what is going on around the Bendigo Basketball Association here.more

Scorelines when players play uninsured

We have had quite a few questions in recent days about 2-0 scorelines etc.more

Bendigo Junior Braves Update, News and Information

Bendigo Junior Braves Update, News and Information can be found by clicking on more.more

Wheelchair Basketball

Are you interested in coaching wheelchair basketball or participating in it? Click 'more' for further information.more
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Player Insurance

Average Points
A Grade Men
Jordan Mangan
Pos Player Team AV PTS 2 Beavers Re 17.36 3 Sugar Free 16.44 4 Bandits 16.27 5 Matthew Lehane Beavers Re 15.88
Average Fouls
A Grade Men
Pos Player Team AV FF 2 Spandex 2.93 3 Spandex 2.88 4 Bandits 2.87 5 Spandex 2.86
Total Match Points
A Grade Men
Jordan Mangan
Pos Player Team PTS 2 Sugar Free 263 3 Matthew Lehane Beavers Re 254 4 Bandits 244 5 Beavers Re 243
Total Free Throws Made
A Grade Men
Pos Player Team FTM 2 Jordan Mangan Generals 38 3 Bandits 23 4 Beavers Wh 23 5 McIvor Mag 22
Total Two Points Made
A Grade Men
Matthew Lehane
Pos Player Team 2PM 2 Jordan Mangan Generals 105 3 Sugar Free 103 4 Bandits 85 5 Aztec Tige 81
Total Three Points Made
A Grade Men
Pos Player Team 3PM 2 Beavers Re 28 3 Benjamin Caruana Sugar Free 26 4 Aztec Tige 22 5 McIvor Mag 22
Total Personal Fouls
A Grade Men
Pos Player Team TFS 2 Spandex 41 3 McIvor Mag 40 4 Spandex 40 5 McIvor Mag 39