NT Under 16 Players Expression of Interest

Any athletes born 2001 & 2002 who are interest in trying out for the NT Under 16 Girls & Boys teams to compete in Kilsyth Victoria 2nd - 9th July 2016 please register your interest with the Deb Bray at the ASBA office by Thursday 11th February.
89528356 or asbasketball@bigpond.commore

Rescheduled games from 30.1.2016 power outage

Hi Everyone

Due to the power failure on Saturday ASBA have needed to reschedule the 2 time slots which will now be played Wednesday 10th February 5.30pm & 6.30pm – the same duty teams will be required to umpire

2 pm games to 5.30pm - court 1 & 2
3pm games to 6.30pm - Court 1, 2 & 3more

Aussie Hoops Term 1 commencing Saturday 6th February

Aussie Hoops 7week term 1 program is commencing Saturday 6th February 2016

Time 9.45am - 10.45am
Cost $4

For further information please contact the stadium 89528356 for email asbasketball.development@bpond.commore

ASBA Domestic Officiating

The aim of these recommendations is to provide greater certainty to players, coaches and referees as to what will and will not be call in domestic basketball across our Association.
By keeping to these guidelines and being consistent with our application of the rules of our game, we provide certainty to our players, our coaches, and our fellow referees.
- refer to attached informationmore
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