Touch draw 2014

This draw is completed up to christmas, we have had a lot of trouble with the new sporting pulse draw. So we are doing our best to keep you updated.more

Touch draw for Monday 24Th of Nov

The draw still isn't finished yet!! Waiting of Fox sports to help with the re-grading. Sorry for inconveniencemore

Round two draw

Round two is complete, sorry for the delay, we have a new system with sporting pulse, we didn't realise we couldn't generate the draw until all teams had registered. Those that hadn't registered are now registered under Lithgow touch email address. Please email if you need your team code?more

Divisions 1 to 5

We have 35 teams this year with 5 divisions.
Division one has 8 teams, division 2 has 6 teams, 3 4 and 5 all have 7 teams. Teams can be regraded in the first few weeks if needed. The divisions are attached.more

Round One 3rd of November 2014

We only have had time to do the grading and round one this week,
will hopefully get a chance to finish off entire draw in the next few weeks. Attached is round one.more

Junior Touch

A Muster day is organised for interested Junior players.
Ages from Kindergartern to 6th Class.
The cost is $10 per player.
The competition runs untill Christmas.
The muster day is on the 13th of October at 4pm.more
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