Level 1 Referee Course!!

City of Orange Touch Association

Level 1 Ref Course!!!

Cota will be running a level 1 Ref Course for those teams who do not currently have a level 1 referee in your side. This is compulsory for all senior teams registering for the upcoming season.

We will also have spots available for any other people interested in doing this course. The minimum age is 12.

If your team needsmore

New to touch or need some help?

Are you or your children new to touch? Do you need some help getting to know the sport and the rules?
Are you coaching a junior team and need some training drills?
We have just the thing for you......more

Only 3 days Until our AGM

There is only 3 days until our AGM which means that we are looking for nominations for all committee positions. This also includes general committee positions for our senior and juniors. If this seems like you or you would like to take up a larger role we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below and help make our comp better than what it already is. We always love new ideas.more

Nominations for Junior Rep coaches and managers

Please find below a form that needs to be filled out if you wish to coach or manage one of our Junior Rep Teams for the 2015/16 rep season. Please not the trials for these teams will held on Saturday 17th October.
All under 16's and 18's teams must have a Level 2 Coach and a level 1 assistant coach.
If you wish to take up one of these roles there will be coarses held.more

Junior Delegates at AGM!

This season we are asking for a team delegate from all our junior teams attend our AGM. Every team that has a delegate attend this meeting will receive 3 bonus points to start the season. It is worth your while to attend. This will be held on Friday 4th September at 6:30pm at Waratahs sports club. It will take no more than 60mins.more

Important Information for all senior players!!!

Please find attached a few important points that the association wants you to know.
Please pass this information on to all your players.more

2015-16 Rules

Please note there have been a few rule changes this season so we recommend that all players read over these rules to make sure you are up to date.more

Senior Registrations NOW OPEN

Senior Registration processmore

Junior Registrations with no team.

This info is only if you do not have a team to play in and would like the association to put you into a team.more

Junior Registrations NOW OPEN

Registering your Junior Team.more

Junior Competion 2015

Please Note below is a few very important details and changes to our Junior Competition for the 2015/16 Season.

Please make sure all your team mates are aware of these changes.more

2015 Open/Senior Rep Teams

Click to see the players who were selected in the 2015 COTA Open/Senior representative teams.more

Waratahs Membership

As part of our conditions of moving to Waratahs Sports Club for the 2015-16 Season and beyond, We need to get as many of our registered players to become members of the club. If you are 18 or older please read on.more

Modified Junior Rules - 6's, 7's, 8's

Click on the 'more' below to view the modified rules.more

Field Layout

Please Find attached a copy of the Field Layout for our new venue at Waratahs Sport Clubmore

Touch Football Australia Code of Conduct

Please see attached the Touch Football Australia Code of Conduct that governs NSW Touch and any of it's affiliates which include the City of Orange Touch Association. All players agree to abide by these rules when registering to play touch football anywhere in Australia.


Touch for beginners

The object of the game is to score "tries" by placing the

ball on the ground over your own "try line" before you are

touched" by an opposing player.more

RULES of Touch

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