Only a few days to go!

Attention Seniors!
Only a few days to go to notify the committee if you are interested in playing in our Division 1 competition and trying out our new concept. If we do not have enough interested players contact us via email or our fb page by Tuesday 5th August then this will not happen and we will just take div 1 nominations like normal.
Please send an email to orangeseniortouch@yahoo.com.aumore


PLEASE READ instructions below before you register for our JUNIOR competition in the upcoming 2014 Season.more

Local Rules 2014-2015 Season



If you are interested in taking on the new concept for Division 1 for the 2014/15 Season, you need to email the association at orangeseniortouch@yahoo.com.au

This needs to be done ASAP as we need to know if we have enough numbers so a decision can be made as to whether this will go ahead. Please let us know of your interest by the 31st July.more

Calender of Events

Please find all important dates required for the following Local and Rep Season in our Calender.

You will find this under the More Menus Tab.more

Season 2014-2015

Welcome back to all,
It is that time again and we are fast approaching the new season and need to prepare.
There are, will be a number of changes to the competition this year, the main one being our move to the Waratah Sports precinct in North Orange and the other will be our online registration process (more info to follow on this.
Please watch this space for more details.more


Do you think you are good enough to play in DIVISION ONE?
Are you sick of not playing against enough competitive teams?
COTA are proposing a very different opportunity for players who believe that are good enough for DIVISION ONE!
Subject to appropriate interest and player numbers, we are offering prize money of $5000 for Men & Woman’s division one winners and runners up.more

QLD here we come!

Congratulations to Mandy Moore and Billy Greatbatch who will travel to QLD to take part in the State of Origin in September 2014.

Billy was invited to participate after his level 5 achievement in March at the NTLS's and that he is now ranked with the states high level referees, whilst Mandy will take her place again at state level as a player, after her successful selection in Sydney recently.more

Modified Junior Rules - 6's, 7's, 8's

Click on the 'more' below to view the modified rules.more

Touch Football Australia Code of Conduct

Please see attached the Touch Football Australia Code of Conduct that governs NSW Touch and any of it's affiliates which include the City of Orange Touch Association. All players agree to abide by these rules when registering to play touch football anywhere in Australia.


Touch for beginners

The object of the game is to score "tries" by placing the

ball on the ground over your own "try line" before you are

touched" by an opposing player.more

RULES of Touch

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