2016/17 BQJBC Coach Applications Appointed

Attached is the coach appointments for 2016/2017.more

USA versus Carina Leagues Club Lady Spartants

Tuesday 9th August 6pm University Washington versus Carina Leagues Club lady Spartans. Free admission
Sunday 21st August 2pm UCLA versus Carina Leagues Club Lady Spartans. $6 an adult $3 childmore

Rep Presentation Dinner

Please take note of change of venue, the presentation will now be held at the stadium.more

June Holiday Camp

Applications are now open and must be paid online via link on right hand sidemore

New interested Junior Players

If interested in playing basketball, please send your child's date of birth, gender, playing experience and parents email and mobile contact details to -

2016 UPS Program

Applications are closed. UPS will start week of 9th May - all participants must sign in at the door before they go to the court each week. Training 4.15 to 5.45pm
Monday - 11 boys & girls - cts 3&4 - L King
Tuesday - 13 girls - cts 3&4 - L King, 13 boys - cts 1&2 - L Flynn
Wednesday - 15 & 17 Girls - Cts 3&4 - Jana
Thursday - 15 Boys - cts 3&4 - L King, 17 Boys - ct 1 - L Flynnmore

2016 SBL Program

All players must pay the sbl payment online.more

2016 Season Calendar

Juniors -
5th Feb to 19th March, 5th April to 10th Sept, 7th Oct to 10th Dec
Seniors -
19th Jan to 7th April, 11th April to 8th Sept, 12th Sept to 15th Decmore

2016 Senior Players Registration

2016 Player registrations are now open, you will require the "team code" to register for the team you want to play for and pay online. If you play for another team on a different night, you need to contact the office on to be added to the team.more

SDBAL Coaching Charter


SDBAL Philosophies

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2016 Senior Player Registration into Team

2016 SBL Payment

2016 June Holiday Camp

2016 U7 Registration ONLY

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