New officials for American Samoa NOC The General Assembly of the American Samoa NOC was held in Pago Pago on the 14th April. Apart from the discussions of items listed on the Agenda, the NOC also conducted ...
Barry Maister honoured for 40 years of service New Zealand’s IOC member Barry Maister was honoured on 15 April at the annual NZ Sport and Recreational Awards in Christchurch after 40 years of service in the sports ...
ONOC Executive Board Meeting in Sydney The ONOC Executive Board met today at the Headquarters of the Australian Olympic Committee in Sydney. The Board discussed a range of issues facing the development of spo...
Fiji's Leslie Copeland & Dr Robin Mitchell
ONOC's Olympic Book - Now Available Oceania National Olympic Committees have commissioned a book to reflect the journeys that our Pacific Island athletes made towards London 2012. “Oceania – An Odyssey...

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2013 - 2017 ONOC Medical Commission

The 2013 - 2017 ONOC Medical Commission met in Suva this weekend and elected its Chair Dr. Chris Milne (NZL)and Deputy Chairman Prof. Eddie McCaig (FIJ).

Members of the Medical Commission are; Dr. Bernie Amof (PNG), Dr. Larrissa Trease (Aust), Dr. Luis Cruz (Guam), Physio-Therapist Mark Brown (Aust) and Cathy Wong (Fiji).

An Olympic Odyssey

Courtney Smyth of The Reporters’ Academy

In the weeks, months and years leading up to the London Olympics there was so much that went unseen behind the Games. The journeys of the athletes in the lead up to London, in particular, were all unique and diverse. Every athlete had a different story to tell. These tales are now in print and “Oceania, An Odyssey to the Olympic Games”, was launched on April 17th. The evening began with a traditional Fijian ceremony. The cava ceremony was a real highlight as the narrator explained the process from the mixing of the cava to the drinking of it by the evening’s chief, IOC member Kevan Gosper.

Is it a case of deja vu?

Tuesday, 5th Feb 2013 marked a milestone in the history of ONOC, as representatives from the regional sporting organisation and the World Health Organisation (WHO) eventually came to the table to discuss possible partnerships. This was made possible following recent meetings between NCD Coordinator, Dr. Temo Waqanivalu and Margaret Eastgate who is currently writing a concept paper focussing on addressing physical inactivity, as part of the Oceania Sport for Development Program - which has linkages to the birth of the Olympic Movement. So, is it a case of deja vu?


Iliesa Delana again etched his name in the history books of sports by becoming Fiji and the Oceania Region's first-ever gold medallist at any Olympic or Paralympic Games with a winning jump of 1.74m.

When interviewed, ONOC President, Dr. Robin Mitchell said, "Iliesa's gold winning performance is a proud moment for sport in the region and sport for development programs out of ONOC. Despite the limited resources available to member countries, he was able to overcome all odds through drive, hard work and commitment. We trust that sportswomen and sportsmen in Oceania will draw inspiration from Iliesa's story and continue their pursuit for excellence.

In an earlier interview with Iliesa in his capacity as a STOP HIV Champion, he was hopeful that his story as an athlete would inspire other young people to do the best they can in life and make responsible choices - including choices regarding their sexual health. With his recent achievement, STOP HIV is confident that this soft-spoken sporting hero will continue to positively influence sexual behavioural changes across the community and amongst his peers.
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Summary of North West - Oceania relationship London 2012

Oceania Olympic visit - London 2012

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