APTFA Winter 2014 Grand Finals

Field 2 Men's Div 1
Apollo Patio's v NVA Cartage
Field 2 Men's Div 2
Yobbo's V The Tigers
Field 1 Mixed Div 1
Kayne Robinson Carpentry & Main V Coffee Club Shellharbour
Field 2 Mixed Div 2
Kiss My Pass V Kev's Sharp Team
A reminder to all managers that they need to attend even if they are not in a grand final tonight to receive their cheque.more

Summer 2014-15 comp managers packs


2014-15 APTFA Summer Comp

Please open and readmore

APTFA 2014 Winter Comp Draw

Please open and read, this is the draw for the remainder of the competition. Dates will only change if council grounds are closed. ALL SCHEDULED rounds will be played.more

APTFA 2014 Winter Ladder

Click more and see the up to date points laddermore

2014 Albion Park Touch Football Association Jnr Competition

Please open and read this important informationmore

New Contact Details

All competition enquiries are now to be directed to Kevin
o466-059-122 or from now please.more

Important policies now in place for all competitions with in APTFA

All Players/Managers/Coaches/Spectators please take the time to look up and read 2 new policies that have been put into place and backed by the committee on Friday 22nd November 2013. The policies are Zero Tolerance Policy & Player Management Policy. They are located by clicking the 'Policies & Comp Rules' Tab on the main home page of our web page.more

Field Allocations

With a few new teams we have noticed that a lot of players are wondering around not sure on field allocation. All managers should now of down loaded the draws. So to make things easier here is also a copy of field locations.more


A reminder that we have a Facebook page and now have 185 members, if you have a Facebook account please become a member to see up to date information, recent pictures and a touch of humour.



All team rego sheets should by now be emailed to the association. Also team sign on sheets are a must, it was stressed at the managers meeting that they need to be filled out by team members and handed in after your game. Failure to do so will result in no points given for win, loose or draw.See attached player sign on form.more


A reminder that NO referee abuse will be tolerated. As per managers meeting it was stressed that we have a zero tolerance. The association is very fortunate that we have a new young group, the association as a whole needs to protect, nurture, support and guide these young referees. The association has 3 qualified referee coaches so leave the comments to the people that are qualified.more
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