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Monday Touch; Team Draw & Referee's Appointments

Monday Touch Draw & Referee's Appointments - Monday 29th February 2016, Grand Finals - Results

Draw is as attached and is to appear in Local paper.
View Griffith Touch websites or Facebook page in regards to wet weather


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Tuesday Touch; Team Draw & Referee's Appointments

Tueasday Touch Draw & Referee's Appointments - Tuesday 1st March 2016, Grand Finals - Results

Draw is as attached and is to appear in Local paper.
View Griffith Touch websites or Facebook page in regards to wet weather


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Wednesday Touch; Team Draw & Referees Appointments

Wednesday Touch Draw & Referee's Appointments - Wednesday 2nd March 2016, Grand Finals - Results

Draw is as attached and is to appear in Local paper.
View Griffith Touch websites or Facebook page in regards to wet weather


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Touch Fields Layout

Attached is Touch Field Numbering Layout

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Ted Scobie Oval - Glass Policy


Ted Scobie Oval is a no glass area as per council policy, this was also advised on GTA nomination and registration documentation.

A friendly reminder that no glass should be taken to the oval, cans & plastic containers are acceptable and when finished with should be placed in the garbage bins provided or taken home.

If an individual or a team is found to be in contravention of GCC policy and regulations and are issued or imposed with a penalty, fine or infringement from Council rangers for not adhering and abiding with Council policy and regulations its is the responsibility of the individual or team concerned not the GTA.

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Mungga-Iri Community KO - Information

Attached is Munnga-Iri Community Knockout Information & regisration details, Event is to be held Saturday 27th February at Deakin Playing Fields ACT

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Mungga-Iri Community KO - Event Poster

Link below will direct to documentation in relation to Munnga-Iri Community Knockout to be held Saturday 27th February at Deakin Playing Fields ACT

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Wednesday Mixed Touch - Round 12 Called Off

As a result of rain overnight & today, there will be no Mixed Touch played this afternoon
Not all fields are playable and there aren't enough spare fields to allow completion of round 12
Due to the inclement weather, likelihood of future rain and possible thunderstorms Mixed Touch for this afternoon Wednesday 27th January 2016 has been called off at 4:05pm

No Mixed Touch for Round 12, this round will be declared a 'washout'

Contact GTA Administrator; Sharon Foster 0421 021 396 for any administration questions

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Griffith Touch 40 Year Reunion

You are cordially invited to “get back in touch” to celebrate 40 years of Touch Football in Griffith, we would be touched if you could attend.

We are inviting all past & present committee members, players & referees.

We will be kicking the weekend off with a Reunion Dinner at the Griffith Ex-servicemen’s Club Saturday 31st October 2015at 6pm.

Cost - $35 per head.

Tickets will be available at the Ex-servicemen’s Club - Cash/cheque only, no EFTPOS available.

On Sunday 1st November 2015 will revisit the holy ground of “Ted Scobie Sports Oval” for a BBQ & a beer.

BYO Beer, commencing 11am.

Get your old teams together & join us to reminisce about the good old times”.

We will need numbers for catering.

RVSP 25 /10/2015.

For further information & numbers for catering:-
contact Brenda Bowen 0428 621 656 or Jenny McRae 0412 444 914

Griffith Touch Association’s 40th Reunion Sub Committee.

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2015/16 Touch Season

Griffith Touch Association wishes to advise that electronic online Team Nomination & Player Registrations for the competitions to be conducted for the 2015/16 season competitions are now open

Team and associated Players are to register via the online registration process with a team representative to make payment on the designated payment night (refer attachment).

NB: Teams are to take note of referee requirements as in past years for team nominations.

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2015 World Cup EOI

Griffith Touch Assoc. Inc. has been contacted to gauge any expressions of interest from players wishing to put their name forward for consideration to form an open mixed team to play for Italy in the upcoming 2015 World Cup

Conditions apply in relation to qualification criteria / heritage

Those expressing an interest please contact Frank Scarfone, Mob.: 0411 524 246 whom has contact details in regards to contact enquiring with GTA

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2015 NSWTA Junior State Cup EOI

The NSWTA Junior State Cup is the premier junior event on the Touch Football Calendar with no less than 320 teams expected to converge on Port Macquarie for this legendary event on February 20, 21 & 22.

Everyone Can Play!

We have 10 divisions on offer that cater for junior age players within Griffith Touch Association


McCall Cup     Boys under 10s                     Born between 2005 and 19.2.2008

Zabielo Cup    Boys under 12s                     Born between 2003 and 19.2.2006

Yiangou Cup   Boys under 14s                     Born between 2001 and 19.2 2004

Wall Cup         Boys under 16s                     Born between 1999 and 19.2 2002

Galea Cup       Boys under 18s                     Born between 1997 and 19.2 2000

Tirado Cup     Girls under 10s                      Born between 2005 and 19.2 2008

Vassallo Cup  Girls under 12s                      Born between 2003 and 19.2 2006

Taylor Cup      Girls under 14s                      Born between 2001 and 19.2.2004

Toohey Cup    Girls under 16s                      Born between 1999 and 19.2 2002

Rose Cup        Girls under 18s                      Born between 1997 and 19.2 2000


N.B The minimum age for each division is 4 years younger than the age category, as an example you can be 6 years and participate in the 10’s division. All players MUST have turned the youngest age by the 19th of February 2015.


GTA Would like Expressions of Interest from Players or Teams by December 1st 2014

Please Contact GTA Administator Maydina on 0431 484 298 or email

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Yass Valley Touch Knockout 2015

2015 Yass Valley Touch Knockout will be conducted on Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th of January 2015.

Nominations will close on the 9th of January 2015.
Team nomination fee is $260.00.
A Referee must be nominated for each team entered at the Yass K.O.
Further details are available on Knockout Form below

For further Information on the Yass K.O details can be obtained by contacting Greg Smith at Yass Touch Association, Mobile: 0404 909 160 or Pat Baptiste (02) 9558 9333 - B/H or Bob Monkley (02) 6226 1721 - A/H.

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Junior Touch - 11th February 2014

Please Note:
Due to the current extreme heat today for Juniors - Junior Touch for this afternoon Tuesday 11th February 2014 has been cancelled

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Griffith Touch Junior Carnival

The 2013 Griffith Touch Junior Carnival is to be held on the 30th of November at Ted Scobie Oval.

It is a great led up event for teams competing in the 2014 Junior State Cup.

Details can be found at the following link:-

Tournament Conditions Booklet
Registrations Booklet

If you are interested and require further information please contact either Nadine Scarfone (Carnival Director) 0407 411 794

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Griffith Touch Assoc. Inc. has its own Facebook page at the following link:

Griffith Touch Assoc. Inc. aims to post messages for game cancellations, changes to venues & times and other news on this website along with the existing websites.

GTA Facebook page will update game info / details at 4 pm on the day, until that time Touch is on.


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Nominations and AGM Notice 2013

Griffith Touch Assoc. Inc. Team and Player Registrations are now open and are required to be completed online for all 2013/2014 competitions.
Please refer to attached information sheet for particulars in regards to Terms & Conditions, payment and AGM attendance 

A no glass policy will be enforced this season. Any team found in breach of this policy will lose bond money and forfeit points.

Please choose REFEREES carefully and make sure they are reliable. Obtain their permission before nominating them for your team GTA will not accept double ups. 

GTA AGM for the Financial Year ended 30th June 2013 will be held Wednesday 2nd October 2013 commencing 6:30pm at Northside Leagues Club

All notices of motion to be in the hands of the Administrator four (4) weeks prior

One team representative to be in attendance at Northside Leagues Club (dual representation not allowed) see you there.

NB: Competition Information sheets will be available from GB Sports & Active Workwear

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General Information - Week 6

Week 6

Things you need to know
Jewellery and Fingernails Players are not to participate in any match while wearing any item of jewellery. Long or sharp fingernails are to be trimmed or taped.

Referee Note
Inform the player to remove their jewellery before they can continue to participate in the game.

Touch Terminology
Touch and Pass / and After - Penalty for passing the ball after being touched.

Rule of the Week
Ball Knocked from Hands - If the ball is knocked from the hands of a player in possession during a touch, the touch counts and the player retains possession, and they are required to perform a rollball. The touch count continues, unless it is the sixth (6th) touch.

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General Information - Week 5

Week 5

Things you need to know
REMINDER that Griffith City Council has a NO glass policy at Ted Scobie Oval.
Could everyone make more of an effort to clean up after yourself and ensure rubbish is put in the bin.

Referee Note
Forward passes are to be penalised even if the ball goes to ground or if it is the last touch.

Touch Terminology
Forward - means in a position or direction towards a team's own attacking score line (try line).

Rule of the Week
Forward Pass - A player in possession ins not to pass, flick, knock, throw or otherwise propel the ball in a forward direction.
     Ruling - A penalty awarded to the non offending team at the mark where the ball was passed, flicked, knocked, thrown or otherwise propelled forward.

   - A player who passes the ball at or towards a defending player and thereby causes the ball to go to ground shall lose possession.
   - However, if the defending player attempts to catch the ball or play at the ball and the ball goes to ground, the attacking team retains possession. Play is restarted at the mark where the ball goes to ground or at a position of best advantage to the non offending team.
   - The touch count is restarted.

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General Information - Week 4

Week 4

Things you need to know
All players are to be in uniform and no new player registrations or changes to teams will be taken.

Referee Note
All referees are not to allow any player on the field who is out of uniform.

Touch Terminology
Touch - is contact on any part of the body between a player in possession of the ball and a defending player. A touch includes contact on the ball, hair or clothing and maybe made by a defending player or by the player in possession.

Rule of the Week
Touch on Offside Defender - Should a player in possession effect a touch on an offside defender who is making every effort to retire and remain out of play, the touch is to count.

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General Information - Week 3

Week 3

Things you need to know
Week 3 will be last week to take late player registrations and all teams are to be in uniform.
You will need a letter from your supplier if your uniform is not available.

Touch Terminology
Offside -  means in a position forward of the ball for an attacking player and in a position liable to penalty for a defending player.

Rule of the Week
All players of the defending team are to retire a distance of not less than five (5) metres from the mark for a Rollball. Players of the defending team are not permitted to move forward until the half has made contact with the ball.
RULING - A penalty awarded to the attacking team along a line fi ve (5) metres forward of the mark for the Rollball and nearest the infringement.

The half is not to delay picking up or gathering the ball. The player who performs the Rollball is not permitted to obstruct or otherwise prevent the defending team from gaining possession or effecting a touch on the half.
RULING - A penalty awarded to the non-offending team at the mark where the infringement occurred.

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General Information - Week 2

Week 2

Things you need to know
All players are required to sign the team sheet preferably before play starts. If the team sheet has not been signed it will be deemed a forfeit.

Referee Note
All referees are to supply their own whistle and wear the referee shirt.
     NB: Referees shirts for accredited Referees can be obtained from Nick Altin

Touch Terminology
HALF- The half is the player who takes possession of the ball behind the player who performs the Rollball.

Rule of the Week
If the half is touched whilst in possession of the ball.
     Ruling - A change of possession and the opposition is to perform a ROLLBALL.

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General Information - Week 1

Week 1

Things you need to know
First time slot teams are required to pick up team sheet board and hats from the tower and take to nominated field.

Referee Note
Referees are required to take the ball to and from the field and return the score sheet and card to the tower after each match.

Touch Terminology
TAP is the method of commencing the match, recommencing the match after half time and after a touchdown has been scored. It is also a method of recommencing play when a penalty is awarded.

Rule of the Week
The tap is taken by placing the ball on the ground at or behind the mark, releasing both hands from the ball, tapping the ball with either foot a distance of not more than one (1) metre, and retrieving the ball cleanly.
     RULING - A change of possession at the mark for the tap.

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Southern Suns 2013 NTL Selection Trials

Southern Suns will be holding selection trials for every division available at the 2013 NTL.

You may nominate to trial as a team OR an individual.

Walker Park  -  Yass.     Sunday 2nd December 2012  Commencing at 10.30am

The attached nomination form must be filled in or returned by Friday 23rd November 2012

To Southern Suns acting Regional Director:-


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AGM Venue Change

GTA - AGM, 30th June 2012


Griffith Touch Assoc. Inc. AGM will be held on Wednesday 26th September 2012 at Southside Leagues Club at 6:30pm

All notices of motion to be in the hands of the administrator four (4) weeks prior

One Delegate from each team (dual representation not allowed) in all competitions to attend to receive five (5) bonus competition points (NB: Not applicable to Junior teams, Kindy - Year 3)

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Touch Knockouts 2013

Knockout Nomination Forms for Wagga Wagga Touch Knockout, Cootamundra Unisex Touch Carnival and Yass Valley Touch Knockout are be available from Tournaments menu or a link from the home page on Griffith Touch website -

Wagga Wagga Touch Knockout will be held Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st October 2012

Cootamundra Unisex Touch Carnival is to be held Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th January 2013

Yass Valley Touch Knockout is to be held Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th January 2013

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Wagga Wagga Touch Knockout

2012 Wagga Wagga Touch Knockout will be conducted on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st October 2012.

For further Information on the Wagga Wagga Touch Knockout refer to following link:-[pointer]=1&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=3420&tx_ttnews[backPid]=881&cHash=409e4a2be8

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Cootamundra Unisex Touch Carnival 2013

2013 Cootamundra Unisex Touch Carnival will be conducted on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th January 2013.

Nominations will close on the 31st December 2012
Team nomination fee will be $ 220.00
Teams will be required to supply a duty Referee once or twice on the Saturday and maybe once on Sunday.

For further Information on the Cootamundra Unisex Touch Carnival details can be obtained by contacting Kellyann Connell - Mob: 0408 973 095 or Email: or alternativelt Tisha McTavish - Mob: 0403 997 420 or Email:

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Summer Competition Nominations 2012

Competition Nominations Open Men's & Women's

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Level 1 Referees Course

A Level 1 Referees Course (Theory Component) will be held at the Western Riverina Community College, 23 Hickey Crescent Griffith on Monday 24th September 2012 for the GTA 2012/13 touch competitions, commencing at 6:00pm and finishing at 10:30pm (approx). This course will be for those teams that require a badged referee to fulfill their requirement for nomination / registration in the GTA Open Summer, Junior & Mixed Competitions or any interested person.

Those persons that are required or would like to attend a Level 1 Referees Course please leave your name and details with either of the following GTA contacts:-

Administrator:- Karren Strachan, Mobile: 0417 447 613
Director of Referees:- Mark Cadorin, Mobile: 0409 752 374.

Cost of Course is $45 per person.

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Junior Touch Representative Teams

Griffith Touch Assoc. Inc. will be conducting tryouts for Junior Touch Representative Teams in the following age groups at Ted Scobie Oval, Collina on Sunday 26th August 2012 at 10:00am

Boys - U10s, U12s, U14s, U16s & U18s

Girls - U10s, U12s, U14s, U16s & U18s

Coaches are still required for some age divisions

All enquires to GTA Administrator: Karren Strachan, Mob: 0417 447 613

Age Divisions are as follows:-
Boys 10Years & Under     Born on or after 2003
Girls 10Years & Under      Born on or after 2003
Boys 12Years & Under     Born on or after 2001
Girls 12Years & Under      Born on or after 2001
Boys 14Years & Under     Born on or after 1999
Girls 14Years & Under      Born on or after 1999
Boys 16Years & Under     Born on or after 1997
Girls 16Years & Under      Born on or after 1997
Boys 18Years & Under     Born on or after 1995
Girls 18Years & Under      Born on or after 1995

The above ages are based on the playing divisions for the 2013 NSWTA Junior State Cup.

Junior Representative Touch Tournaments
2012 Southern Suns Riverina Junior Championships at Jubilee Oval Wagga Wagga, Saturday 17th November 2012

2013 NSWTA Junior State Cup at Regional Sports Stadium & Tuffins Lane Playing Fields Port Macquarie, Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th February 2013

Interested players are advised to attend or contact Griffith Touch if unavailable due to circumstances

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2013 Junior State Cup

2013 Junior State Cup

GTA through the dedicated work of Kylie Gilmore has been able to secure accommodation at one accommodation location in the CBD of Port Macquarie for the 2013 JSC.

The accommodation is for a minimum two night stay - Friday & Saturday, those families that attend 2013 JSC and wish to extend their stay will receive the same costing as that quoted to the GTA.
Approximate accommodation costing at this point in time for the GTA two night stay is player $55 & non-player $90, these prices are in line with what was levied at WSLR.
Accommodation procured is one bedroom (max 4 persons) & two bedroom (max 6 persons) apartments

At this point in time GTA has paid a deposit, the accommodation balance and room listings are required / due by the 31st December 2012.
It would be appreciated if the GTA is given an indication of players / teams likely or willing to attend.

Please feel free to advise any other GTA members / players / JSC team members that may be willing to attend.

Player levies at this stage will be subject to NSWTA nomination & tent hire pricing.
The GTA is also investigating the cost of hiring buses & drivers (45 seaters) for transport to Port.


 Looking at NSWTA website in recent days and came across the following:-

2013 JSC nominations closing date is COB 5:00pm, Tuesday 18th December 2012
This helps as GTA has until 31st December 2012 to possibly cancel any accommodation not required (refer above balance payment details)

GTA Junior Touch Representative trial date wil be Sunday 26th August 2012
Any enquiries please contact GTA Administrator.

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GTA Finals Dates

Griffith Touch Association Finals dates for all Competitions in 2012/2013

Griffith Touch Assoc. - Summer Competition Finals
Semi Finals - 11th February 2013
Preliminary - 18th February 2013
Grand Final - 25th February 2013

Griffith Touch Assoc. - Junior Competition Finals
Semi Finals - 19th February 2013
Preliminary - 26th February 2013
Grand Final - 5th March 2013

Griffith Touch Assoc. - Mixed Competition Finals
Semi Finals - 13th or 20th February 2013
Preliminary - 20th or 27th February 2013
Grand Final - 27th February or 6th March 2013

NB: Finals dates are dependant on number of rounds required in relation to teams nominated, possibility that mixed Grand Finals maybe conducted on a Saturday afternoon / evening

Please Note: All dates and possible times are subject to change without notice

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Rule of the Week

The ball is rolled and there is a half in position. When can the defence move forward?

Provided they were onside at the Rollball the defending players can move forward as soon as the ball has made contact with the half. - Rule 9.4

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Junior Touch - 28th February 2012

Please Note:
Junior Touch for Tuesday 28th February 2012

The only games that will be played (5 games only) are those that require a result for next weeks Junior Grand Finals, all games to be played at 6:30pm and allocated Referees are requested to turn up as appointed and advised in Monday 27th February 2012 Area News.

The games being as follows:-
Yr3 Boys - Field 9 @ 6:30pm
The Good Guys / Stephens Decore Cabinets v De Bortoli Demons

Yr3 Girls - Field 10 @ 6:30pm
PRD Nationwide v Rick Turner Electrics

Yr5 Boys - Field 2 @ 6:30pm
Stockton Bros v Design & Sign Dodgers

Yr5 Girls - Field 3 @ 6:30pm
Roy Rinaldo Tiling v Ferraro Foods

Yr6 Girls - Field 4 @ 6:30pm
Farronato Autobody Repairs v Yenda Multispares

All other games which are not crucial to next weeks Grand Finals have been called off / cancelled due to the current inclement weather conditions.

The GTA has also posted a message on the Infoline number.

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Support our Sports Sponsors so they can continue to support TOUCH

Griffith Touch Assoc. Inc. would like to thank all those Businesses that Support Touch within the Griffith community.

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GTA 2011/12 Mixed Touch Grand Finals - Results


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GTA 2011/12 Summer Touch Grand Finals - Results


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GTA 2010/11 Mixed Touch Grand Finals - Results


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GTA 2010/11 Summer Touch Grand Finals - Results


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GTA 2009/10 Mixed Touch Grand Finals - Results


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GTA 2009/10 Summer Touch Grand Finals - Results


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GTA 2008/09 Mixed Touch Grand Finals - Results


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GTA 2008/09 Summer Touch Grand Finals - Results


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GTA 2007/08 Mixed Touch Grand Finals - Results


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GTA 2007/08 Summer Touch Grand Finals - Results


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