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Individual Registration - Now Open

The Penrith Touch Association Individual Registration is now open.
Before starting this process please make sure that your team organiser has registered your team and you've been given your unique team code from your organiser, no team code means you can’t register.
All individual members please click on the link below.more

Mark Springfield Cup Mens 30's Registration Open

The Penrith Touch Association O/30's Registration is now open.
Before starting the registration please make sure that you have your credit/debit card ready as the registration process requires payment to be successful. All O/30 members please click on the link below or alternatively click on the Mark Springfield O/30’s registration button on right hand side under advertisement.more


Team Organisers Registration - Open

The Penrith Touch Association Team Registration is now open.
All team organiser must first register their team and on completion will receive a unique code for their team that they’ll need to pass onto all players in their team.
You cannot complete an individual registration unless you have a team code.
Please have your credit/debit card ready as registration requires payment to be successfulmore

2014 Winter On-Line Registrations

On-Line Registrations are in the final stages of testing and will be available to register commencing 5:00pm 23rd April.

Once we've the go ahead by FoxSports Pulse tomorrow we'll active the Register Here button.
All team organisers we'll need to register first and on completion will receive a team code that they need to give each player for them to complete their registration.more

2014 Winter Competition - New Game Format

The new concept for the upcoming Winter competition will be to play two (2) rounds per night. Games played on Monday and Wednesdays night will be 25 minutes in duration, and played as "touch-down turn-around" games. Tuesday Night will play 20 minute games under the same "touch- down turn-around" configuration.more

Upcoming Senior Competitions - Making Changes

Penrith touch is making every effort to get away from the cold months of winter and to do this we need to make some changes to our 2014 upcoming competitions.more

Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets

Sporting pulse now has an APP for Smart Phones and tablets please click on link below for all information regarding these application.more

No Smoking At Fields

Please find link below that will direct you to brochure regarding smoking at sporting fields.

Please note whilst there is organised sport being played (THIS INCLUDES TRAINING SESSIONS), at sporting fields, there is to be no smoking at the field.

There will be NSW Health Inspectors carrying out random inspections of all outdoor facilities and these inspectors are authorised to enforce the policy.

A fine of up to $550.00 apply to individuals who smoke in spectator areas at public sports grounds and recreational areas during organised sporting events.


To view and read the full announcement and documentation from the NSW Government Health please click this link.

Wet Weather Info


Last updated Sunday 06/04/2014 @ 8:30am

Wet Weather Line: 1900 929 225
“Call cost 82 cents, higher rate applies to calls from mobile phone and payphonesmore
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