HVTFA wins grant funding from ORS

The Hope Valley Touch Football Association would like to acknowledge the Office for Recreation and Sport and the Government of South Australia for its funding support of our Club through Round 39 of the Active Club Program.more

HVTFA Junior Competition commences 14th October 2015

See Posters for Details, under the Sports Voucher Program your child, will be able to play for free, in a team of 10 players.more

HVTFA Summer Competition commences 21st October 2015

Nominations for Summer Touch are now open.more

Hope Valley Touch Football Associaton Inc & Nab Introducer

Hope Valley Touch Football Association Inc (HVTFA) has entered into an arrangement with one of Australia’s leading banksmore


2012 TFA Member Protection Policy Update

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Ladder - Sidebar

Winter 2015
1 Slappers 28
2 Salt Shakers 27
3 NRG 25
4 Raw Talent 24
5 UGA-ROO 22
6 Da Imports 20
7 Beached As 20
8 X Bombs 18
9 Decepticons 16
10 The Untouchables 15
11 Stunners 11