Autumn 2014 Season

The season will start on Monday 3rd February
and end on or before Friday 27th June.

This season all players will pay their match fees directly to CBA rather than to a club - CBA will pay all court costs and also purchase the shuttles -- so all teams will play with the same shuttles.

An excel spreadsheet containing all fixtures can be
downloaded from the Links and downloads tab.

Monday night -- A grade singles -- 7 teams.

Tuesday night -- C grade doubles -- 5 teams 

Wednesday night 
grade doubles - 4 teams  and  B grade doubles - 10  teams 

For this competition - there are 14 teams involved - in two pools of 7.
After 7 rounds teams will be allocated to A and B grades
and a further 7 rounds played.
Each week 2 teams will be on a bye - 4 teams will play on Tuesday 
and 8 teams will play on Wednesday
In each group of 7 matches one team from each pool will play all its matches on the Tuesday (6 matches) -- 2 teams will play on Tuesday twice and all other teams once.

Thursday night  -- Court 10 from 8:30-10:30pm.
B grade -- 6 teams and C grade singles -- 5 teams.

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Player Injury News
If you are a team member and injured playing or training for competition badminton you may be entitled to claim under the Personal Accident policy
that covers all players registered with Badminton Victoria
Check the page under the NEWS menu.

If you are injured fill out a claim form to establish the date of your injury -
This sets up a possible claim should the injury need further treatment.