Calling for Representive Players to attend NQ Champs

Calling for players for the following divisions
20& under Men's & Women's
Open Men's & Women's
over 27's Men's & women's
over 35/40 Men's & women's
over 50 Men'smore

Sponsor Naming Rights for fields 1 2 3 4 and 5

Cairns Pirates Touch Assoc is looking for Sponsors to name our fieldsmore


Players will not be permitted to take the field if fees are not paid before games this week. IF you would like to pay off your $45 rego please come and see Kym Finlay at the bar. 1st payment must be $15 and must be paid before you take the field, terms and conditions apply.more

New Junior Season

Boys,Girls and mixed teams want season recommencing 2/5/14 come on down and play Touch!! Friday nights call and nominate now.more

Get Started Grant for Players under 18yo

Hey kids if you are under 18 and play Touch grab a application form and fill it out to apply for a grant up to $150 - see attached form Good Luck!!more

Cairns Pirates Touch Players attended the NTL's 2014

A very successful carnival with NQ Cyclone Teams making quarter final playoffs, unfortunately the only team to progress to a Grand Final was Cyclone 55 men's who couldn't grab the gold in a hard fought final this year. BUT our very own home grown players Theo Majid, Lawrence Oberleuter and Assist Coach Col Beckitt of the Elite 8 Men's Outlaws are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!more


Cairns Pirates Touch Assoc pay $361.30 per team to NQ Touch PER seasonmore

Online Team Registration available

TFA and Cairns Pirates Touch Association has moved to Touch Football Online. The new Touch Football database system provided by Fox Sports Pulse has immediate benefit to all users, your Team registration is available 24/7 and through any device that is connected to the internet. Click on more to register your team. If having problems please come see us at the Bar we will register your team theremore


At our association everyone is welcome regardless of their ability or where they come from. We think it’s important that our members feel valued and a part of the club. Please feel free to come to our meetings and give us some ideas and feedback.more

Rules Explained - Definitions & Terminology

Advantage- Advantage is that property of part of play, which gives one team the potential to improve its position to score relative to the other team.more

Youtube Touch

TFA and QTA both have Youtube channels you might be interested in.



Rules Explained - Offside in Defence

The interpretations below surprised a number of our A Grade representative men at a clinic last year. It’s a fair bet that some others may not know the rules as well as they believe they do.


Rules Explained

We will shortly be posting a series of explanations of rules and interpretations from Cairns Pirates Technical Director Tanya Findlay. The interpretations are taken from the rulebook and those provided by the national referees’ panel but we will be using some common language more easily understood by lower level players.

As most would know, Tanya is a Level 6 referee and one of the best referees in Australia so refs in Cairns will be going with her advice in preference to the help offered on-field by many and various players in Cairns, no matter how well-credentialled and/or well-intentioned the adviser might be.


Cairns Pirates Constitution

Attached.  JL will keep a laminated copy behind the bar for anyone interested.

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