Grand Finals played on respective nights

players need to have played 3 round games to qualify. ALL PLAYERS NEED TO HAVE REGISTRATION PAID. no player unregistered will be allowed to take the field. a list of players eligible to play final rounds will be supplied to the refereesmore

Get Started Grant for Players 18yo & under

The new Get Started Grant will re open again in February 2015 apply early and receive up to $150 - this will pay game fees and regomore

Cairns Pirates Constitution


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Youtube Touch

TFA and QTA both have Youtube channels you might be interested in.




At our association everyone is welcome regardless of their ability or where they come from. We think it’s important that our members feel valued and a part of the club. Please feel free to come to our meetings and give us some ideas and feedback. Or drop by the bar and talk to one of the committee members if you have any problems that we may be able to help with.more

Rules Explained - Definitions & Terminology

Advantage- Advantage is that property of part of play, which gives one team the potential to improve its position to score relative to the other team.more

Rules Explained - Offside in Defence

The interpretations below surprised a number of our A Grade representative men at a clinic last year. It’s a fair bet that some others may not know the rules as well as they believe they do.

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