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First Kicks 6th GradeDrawsResultsTables
Fun Football 7th GradeDrawsResultsTables
Fun Football 8th GradeDrawsResultsTables
Mini Football 9th GradeDrawsResultsTables
Mini Football 10th Grade ADrawsResultsTables
Mini Football 10th Grade BDrawsResultsTables
11th Grade - Div 1DrawsResultsTables
11th Grade - Div 2DrawsResultsTables
12th Grade - Div 1DrawsResultsTables
12th Grade - Div 2DrawsResultsTables
13th Grade - Group 1DrawsResultsTables
13th Grade - Group 2DrawsResultsTables
13th Grade - Group 3DrawsResultsTables
14th Grade - Group 1DrawsResultsTables
14th Grade - Group 2DrawsResultsTables
14th Grade - Group 3DrawsResultsTables
Youth 15+ Grade - Div 1DrawsResultsTables
Youth 15+ Grade - Div 2DrawsResultsTables
ODT Men's Premier LeagueDrawsResultsTables
Mens Div 1 AJ Grant PlaygearDrawsResultsTables
Mens Div 2 Amalgamated BuildersDrawsResultsTables
Mens Div 3 Downie StewartDrawsResultsTables
Mens Div 4 Brandwell MollerDrawsResultsTables
Masters 35+ AJ Grant ClotheslineDrawsResultsTables
Masters 45+ Wobbly's BarDrawsResultsTables
Women's Knock Out CupDrawsResultsTables
Chatham Cup 2016DrawsResultsTables
Girl's Secondary Schools - Div 1DrawsResultsTables
Girl's Secondary Schools - Div 2DrawsResultsTables
Kingsgate Women's Premier LeagueDrawsResultsTables
Women's Div 1 - Round 1DrawsResultsTables
Women's Div 2 - Round 1DrawsResultsTables
Women's Premier League Kingsgate HotelDrawsResultsTables
Women's Div 1DrawsResultsTables
Women's Premier Football South v MainlandDrawsResultsTables
Women's Masters 25+DrawsResultsTables
Yellow Cards
Women's Premier League Kingsgate Hotel
Yellow Cards
Pos Player Team YC
Red Cards
Women's Premier League Kingsgate Hotel
Red Cards
Pos Player Team RC
Mens Div 1 AJ Grant Playgear
Yellow Cards
Mens Div 1 AJ Grant Playgear
Red Cards
Mens Div 1 AJ Grant Playgear
Charles Owen
Red Cards
Pos Player Team RC 2 Suhail Toubat Grants Bra 1