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The junior rep teams are running a fund raiser at the Federal Hotel on January 25th this afternoon is to assist the teams to travel to Port Macquarie to play in the Junior State Cup. Dale Gilmore is the performer of the afternoon and he is donating his performance fee for this event Dale is Ann Drinkwaters husband, please come and support this event. Children are welcome.more

WEEKLY DRAW Summer 2014-15

Ground official duty involves taking the sheets and checking that players are in uniform and the same amount of players signed on are equal to the number on the field for each team, any discrepancies document on the sheets on the back. Write your name and team name,in the place provided, as a record that this has been completed by your team. clickmore


ALL members are advised to read this article.
Are you the reason my team was dropped from the competition. Clickmore

Jetts Ballina Gym Supporting Ballina Touch Referees

Ballina Touch Association would like to thank Jetts Ballina Gym for the support they have given to our referees this season.
If you didn't know Jetts have support our referees at both Senior and Junior State Cups and that's up till now.
Members if you are into fitness let's show our support and check out Jetts Ballina Gym
Thanks again Jettsmore

Referee Abuse is NOT ON

Referees train like players, they have a huge responsibility like players, they are coached and analysed like players, they are passionate like players and they fight for honour and positions like players. Yet despite all of this, in any sport, we never hesitate to abuse referees and it seems that `sport rage' is becoming common terminology for our behaviour. In saying this it is a timely reminder for us all to think about our behaviour so that we all can enjoy our sport. Click on more for the full story -->



Please be aware that NSW Health - Tobacco Compliance Officers will now be issuing fines to people found smoking at sporting events.
Smoking has been banned at sport venues in spectator areas since 7 January 2013 under the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000.
Club members and spectators are still saying that they are not aware of the new regulation.
Unfortunately this excuse will not prevent the individual from receiving a fine.

The fine for smoking at a sporting event is $550 to the individual smoker.


Ballina Touch Continues Tough Stance

The Ballina Touch Association in co-operation with our referees will continue its tough stance on referee intimidation. For the full story go to more ->


Peter Randle Life Membership

Peter Randle has been awarded Life Membership of the Ballina Touch Association. Full story at more ->more
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