Important Information

2014 SEASON 2
Season 2 is on track for a 3rd of December Grand Final.
Please ensure all players have finger printed (5 games) and therefore qualified for the Finals series.
The Bilambil comp is looking strong for next year.
We hope to see everyone here again come Feburary 2015.
ALL PLAYERS: Please check the white board each week for the upcoming draw and duty ref roster.
A Grade Mixed
1. Seamaster fishing
2. Ken Lee Legal
3. Little Mali
4. Generation 4 Surfboards
B Grade Mixed
1. Globo Gym
2. O'brien Glass
3. Primitive Surf
4. Kingy Kids
C Grade Mixed
1. Solo Waste
2. Kangawollafoxes
3. Ned Kelly Pizza
4. Central Engineering
5. Kozzi Swimmwear 
D Grade Mixed
1. Raiders
2. Halo Hair
3. Victory Ford
4. Write on t-shirts
E Grade Mixed
1. Solo Gold
2. Rabbits
3. Surekil Pest Control
4. Verloceraptors
5. Deceptives
F Grade Mixed
1. 21
3. Perter Wall Builders
4. Rosheen Barbarians
A Grade Mens
1. Coast Form Work
2. Ring Guss No Fuss
3. AUS Sports
4. Seamasters Fishing
B Grade Mens
1. Central Engineering
2. Surekil Pest Control
3. Jake Merkins RBR
4. Tooheys New 
Semi Final 2. 26/11/2014
F1. Seamaster Fishing VS Little Mali (Loser Out)
F2. Solo Gold VS Surekil Pest Control (Loser play's 7.20)
F3. Rabbits VS Verloceraptors (Loser out, winner play's 7.20)
F4. Kangawollafoxes VS Kozzi Swimwear (Loser Out, winner play's 7.20)
F5. Solo Waste VS Ned Kelly Pizza (Loser play's 7.20)
F1. O'Brien Glass VS Kingy Kids (Loser Out)
F2. (Mixed C grade second game)
F3. (Mixed E Grade Second game)
F4. Raiders VS Write On T-Shirts (Loser Out)
F6. Coast Form Work VS Aus Sports MENS (Loser Out)
F1. (Mens A Grade)
F4. Central Engineering VS Jakes Merkins RBR (Loser Out)
If your duty referee doesn't turn up, in the semi your team will start with one touch down against you and if the second time your duty referee doesn't turn up your team will start with two touch downs against you and third time your team will be out of the competition.
Each teams captain is responsible to ensure the your duty ref is there when rostered on. You can use 2 players from your team if you feel more comfortable.
Please call Bilambils' referees coordinator if u have any queries or troubles.
Ken Marsh 0414 233 091
Team fees pay for electricity (particularly for field lighting), line marking, affiliation fees for South QLD Sharks, Tweed Council ground useage and up keep, trophies/prizes end of year BBQ and insurance (plus much more).
Please check out the scope of insurance cover on drop down tab at top of page.
 Although winter is over, our local gas company, SWAP A BOTTLE are supplying Bilambil Touch with gas bottles to fuel our BBQs for both junior and senior touch.
Please keep SWAP A BOTTLE in mind for all your gas needs. They offer cheap prices on everything gas. Give them a call on 1300 727 013 or visit
 Just a reminder that a sausage sizzle will be held every Wednesday. All our top quality meat is supplied by Rainbow Bay Butchery.
Sausage Sandwiches: $2.50
Steak Sandwich with lettuce and tomato: $5.00
Bacon and Egg Sandwiches: $3.00
Water & Soft Drinks : $2.00
Powerade: $3.50
Light beer: $3.50, Mid Strength: $4.00, Full Strength $4.50 & Carona's $5.00
Premix Bourbon, Rum & JD: $6.50



Email for any problems or phone

Michael on 0409 599 222 or Aleasha on 0438151025


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