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Video hightlights from certain matches are available below.  Please click on the link to access the highlights.

Round 1: Monday 13th January

Open Men Victoria v ACT, 4pm AIS Arena
Open Women Victoria v ACT, 5pm AIS Arena
Open Men NSW Thunder v South Australia, 6pm AIS Arena
Open Women NSW Lightning v South Australia, 7pm AIS Arena


Round 2: Tuesday 14th January

Open Men South Australia v ACT, 9am AIS Arena
Open Men NSW Thunder v QLD Metro, 10am AIS Arena
Open Women South Australia v ACT, 11am AIS Arena
Open Women NSW Lightning v NSW Thunder, 12pm AIS Arena
AWD Open Mixed NSW Lightning v NSW Thunder, 1pm AIS Arena
AWD Open Mixed South Australia v ACT, 2pm AIS Arena
AWD Open Mixed Victoria v Tasmania, 3pm AIS Arena


Round 3: Wednesday 15th January

U16 Girls ACT 15's v NSW Thunder, 10am ANU
Youth Men Victoria v QLD Regional, 11am ANU


Semi Finals: Thursday 16th January

Open Men, 4pm AIS Arena
Open Men, 5pm AIS Arena
Open Women, 6pm AIS Arena
Open Women, 7pm AIS Arena


Grand Finals: Friday 17th January

U12 Girls, 8am AIS Arena
U12 Boys, 8am AIS Arena
U13 Boys, 9am AIS Arena
U15 Boys, 9am, AIS Arena (extra time)
U14 Girls, 10am AIS Arena
U14 Boys, 10am AIS Arena
AWD Open Mixed, 12pm AIS Arena
U16 Girls, 1pm AIS Arena
U16 Boys, 2pm AIS Arena
Youth Women, 3pm AIS Arena
Youth Men, 4pm AIS Arena
Open Women, 5pm AIS Arena
Open Men, 6pm AIS Arena


National Futsal Championships

FFA conduct a number of National Championships that form part of the development pathway and identification process for players and referees in all Member Federations.

Capital Football host the annual FFA National Futsal Championships in early January. This week long tournament see states enter teams in both Boys and Girls divisions from U12 to Open age.

National Youth Championships
Northern NSW Football host the FFA National Youth Championships for both Girls (U13 and U15) and Boys (U13 and U14) at the BCU International Stadium in Coffs Harbour.

It is not only Players that are involved in these National Championships. Referees are also selected to represent their Member Federations as part of their ongoing development as match officials.

All these National Championships are an integral part of the FFA national youth development and identification process providing a showcase for the best Girls and Boys - both players and referees - from all states.

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