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FFA/AFC Level 1 Futsal Licence

The FFA/AFC Level 1 Futsal Licence course will take place from Sunday 24th August to Friday 29th August at Valentine Sports Park Sydney.

The course is the basic course after which holders can go on to take the Level 2 and Level 3 certificate after fulfilling certain requirements.

For full details and an application form please click on the link below.

FFA/AFC Level 1 Futsal Licence Application Form


 Our aim is to provide a safe, supervised,controlled and friendly environment for young people to play, contest and enjoy 5-a-side futsal.

 SCF are responsible for the management of all junior futsal competitions conducted during the summer season across the south of Canberra.  SCF manage our competitions under the FIFA laws of the game and through our by laws.




If you need to contact us during the off season we are available via email, southcanberrafutsal@gmail.com . Emails are attended to regularly but the phone will be unattended till the opening up of next seasons registrations.







ADVICE FOR FUTSAL IN HOT WEATHER         Drink water or a sports drink, before and during the Thgame: at least 500 mls (two standard cups) 30 minutes before the game at least one cup at half-time while on the bench. Put a wet towel on your neck during breaks.Spray water on your face.Fan yourself. Coaches: do not “over-play” players, use substitutes.