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 Our aim is to provide a safe, supervised,controlled and friendly environment for young people to play, contest and enjoy 5-a-side futsal.

 SCF are responsible for the management of all junior futsal competitions conducted during the summer season across the south of Canberra.  SCF manage our competitions under the FIFA laws of the game and through our by laws.

  Contact Details            Phone: 0429 066020 

         email: southcanberrafutsal@gmail.com 

Welcome everyone to the 2015/16 season 

Registrations are now open.

directions on how to register are available in our 2015/16 Registration Pack Here  



Capital Football are running a Futsal Beginner Referee course on the 11 October.

 Futsal is a fast, indoor style of football, played on a small court with a weighted ball.

 Futsal is run by South and North Canberra Futsal, with senior competitions run by Capital Football.  North and South Canberra Futsal both have experienced referees who will guide you through your first few games and ensure that you are comfortable with the differences in the laws.

 Futsal is played all around Canberra all through the week.  The summer season starts in October and runs through to April with a break for the Christmas/January period.

 Futsal can improve your foul recognition, man management and consistency.

 If you were a ref this year it is only $30 to take the futsal L3 beginner course, so even if you are just a futsal player who wants to get a better grasp on the intricacies of the futsal LotG it is worth your while.

 You can find the details here.






ADVICE FOR FUTSAL IN HOT WEATHER         Drink water or a sports drink, before and during the Thgame: at least 500 mls (two standard cups) 30 minutes before the game at least one cup at half-time while on the bench. Put a wet towel on your neck during breaks.Spray water on your face.Fan yourself. Coaches: do not “over-play” players, use substitutes.