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NQ Futsal Junior Fixtures
Ryan Catholic College 28/02/2015
Semi Finals
10.00am  U8/9B  SF1   Goal Busters (1st) v The Creepers (4th)
10.00am  U8/9B  SF2   Scorpions (2nd) v Rascals (3rd)
10.45am  U8/9A  SF1   Cyclones (1st) v Thunder (4th)
10.45am  U8/9B  SF2   Razors (2nd) v Storm Troopers (3rd)
11.30am  U10     SF1   The A Team (1st) v Futsal Divas (4th)
12.00pm  U10     SF2   Top Corner (2nd) v Lightning (3rd)
** In the case of a draw after normal playing time the highest placed team on the table will progress to the Grand Final.  No extra time. No time out.**
**  No Futsal fixtures for U11 to U16 to be played on Saturday 28/02/15.  **
**  Grand Finals for all age groups U8/9 to U16 will be played on Saturday 07/03/15.  **
**  U11 to U16 competitions will have Semi Finals and Grand Finals on Saturday 07/03/15 **
NQ Futsal Junior Fixtures
Ryan Catholic College 07/03/15
Final Series
8.30am   U8/9A   GF  - TBA
8.30am   U8/9B   GF  - TBA
9.15am   U10      GF  - TBA
10.00am U11  SF1  TSV Snipers (1st) v Thunderbolts (4th)
10.00am U11  SF2  Mini Messi (2nd) v Northern Thunder (3rd)
10.45am U12  SF1  Trick Shots (1st) v Futsal Finesse (4th)
10.45am U12  SF2  Falcon (2nd) v Revolution (3rd)
11.30am U12G SF1  Krunch Bunch (1st) v Stripes (4th)
11.30am U12G SF2  Hugo's Futsal Girls (2nd) v Dreamtime (4th)
12.15pm U13/14G SF1  Hugo's Strikers (1st) v Jeronimos (4th)
12.15pm U13/14G SF2  Wildcatz (2nd) v Lunachicks (3rd)
1.00pm  U13/14B SF1  Avengers (1st) v Froot Loops (4th)
1.00pm  U13/14B SF2  Allstars (2nd) v Superfly (3rd)
1.45pm  U13/14A SF1  Tika Taka Kings (1st) v Fire Breathing RD (4th)
1.45pm  U13/14A SF2  Mozzies (2nd) v TSV Got Talent (3rd)
2.30pm  U15/16  SF1  The Bench Warmers (1st) v Team SP (4th)
2.30pm  U15/16  SF2  E-Lemon-ators (2nd) v Unreal Madrid (3rd)
3.30pm  U11         GF - TBA
3.30pm  U12         GF - TBA
4.30pm  U12G      GF - TBA
4.30pm  U13/14G GF - TBA
5.30pm  U13/14A GF - TBA
5.30pm  U13/14B GF - TBA
6.30pm  U15/16   GF - TBA 

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