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Notice Board

NQ Futsal Juniors 25/10/14
Ryan Catholic College
Round 1 - Competition

8.30am Court 1 U8/9B Scorpions v Rascals
8.30am Court 2 U12G Hugo's Futsal Girls v Dreamtime
9.15am Court 1 U13/14G Wildcatz v Hugo's Strikers
9.15am Court 2 U8/9A Thunder v Vipers
10am Court 1 U12 Hawks v Trick Shots
10am Court 2 U12 Falcon v Top Guns
10.45am Court 1 U8/9B Creepers v Goal Busters...
10.45am Court 2 U12 Revolution v Futsal Finesse
11.30am Court 1 U8/9A Cyclones v Razors
11.30am Court 2 U8/9A Storm Troopers v Barbarians
12.15pm Court 1 U10 The A Team v Gladiators
12.15pm Court 2 U10 The Dominators v Beau's Team
1pm Court 1 U11 Mini Messi v Thunderbolts
1pm Court 2 U11 Northern Thunder v Snipers
1.45pm Court 1 U10 Top Corner v Lightning
1.45pm Court 2 U10 Futsal Divas v Bandits
2.30pm Court 1 U13/14G Jeronimo v Futsal Freaks
2.30pm Court 2 U12G Krunch Bunch v Stripes
3.15pm Court 1 U13/14A Tika Taka Kings v Got Talent
4.00pm Court 1 U13/14B Superfly v Froot Loops
4.00pm Court 2 U13/14B All Stars v Avengers
4.45pm Court 1 U13/14A The Other Team v I Don't Know
4.45pm Court 2 U13/14A Mozzies v Don't Blink
5.30pm Court 1 U13/14B Rebels Retros v Tornadoes
5.30pm Court 2 U13/14A Fire Breathing RD v Hawks
6.15pm Court 1 U15/16 The Benchwarmers v Unreal Madrid
6.15pm Court 2 U15/16 Team Smarty Party v E-Lemon-ators
NQ Futsal - Senior Women - Monday 27/10/14
Townsville Basketball

NQ Futsal have re-graded the Senior Women's Competition. Based on observations and results the Saints team have been regraded to Women's A and the No Idea team have been regraded to Women's B.
We hope this results in a fairer and closer competition.

6pm Court 3 TEAL v Super Fudge
6pm Court 4 The Jackson 5-a-side v Saints
6.45pm Court 3 Footloose v Oldies But Goodies
6.45pm Court 4 The Old The New and The Fabulous v Burra Girls+1
7.30pm Court 3 Kick n Giggle v No Idea

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