Due to numbers this season we have had to make some changes. We consider this very carefully before making these type of decisions. If you have any concerns please contact us via email. Thankyou for your support. 

Monday               North                    YMCA Wonthaggi

U10B                                                     4:10pm 

U10B                                                     4:55pm                               


U14/16B               4:30pm 

U14/16B               5:15pm

U14/16B               6:00pm                             


Men                      6:50pm 

Men                      7:40pm 

Men                      8:30pm                            




U12B                     4:00pm 

U12B                     4:45pm 

U12B                     5:30pm 

U12B                     6:15pm                               


U12G                                                     4:00pm 

U12G                                                     4:45pm                               


U14/16G              7:00pm 

U14/16G              7:45pm                               




U10G                                                     4:00pm 

U10G                                                     4:45pm 

 Season dates Winter 2015  

Starts 27th April for 10 week season

No play Queens Birthday week

No play school holidays

Preliminary finals week starting 27th July

Elimination final 3rd August

GF day 9th August