First men’s game of the day on Court 1 started and took off like a flash of lightning - both teams were there, pumped and ready to go.

Guam took off with an early lead by a fair few points. Both teams were evenly matched with strengths Guam took off and started scoring points and their accuracy gave them a lead.

During the first quarter Fagaloia Vaetoe received a whack in the eye which resulted in him cutting his under eye open and having a blood eye. He was taken off but later came back on.

Ene Togia from Samoa shot an all net three-pointer during the first quarter, which helped his team a lot, while one of his teammates injured his ankle and had to receive medical treatment.

The first quarter ended with Guam leading by 8 with the scores Guam 25 to Samoa’s 17.

The second quarter was fast moving and kicked off to a great start. Both the teams were evenly matched and the only thing separating either of them was the score.

Second quarter came around as an even and well-played quarter from both sides. The game picked up quite a lot and became very fast moving; showcasing how both teams can move it fast.

Samuel Sotelo, Maksever Kepwe and Joshua Sebastian all from Samoa, scored 7 points each for their team in the first half, an impressive effort which really helped go towards their teams final score.

The second quarter ended with Guam leading by ?? with the scores Guam on 46 to Samoa on 24.

Third quarter started and Guam hit two easy goals within the first two minutes while Samoa tried to defend them and turn the ball over, for the majority of the third quarter Guam took off.

In the last five minutes of the quarter, Samoa started to have a comeback, their defense and reflexes became stronger and faster and they started to score some more points.

Reed Meyer slammed a great dunk in the last few minutes of the quarter, and the crowd roared, Meyer was also a high shooter for the match scoring ?? points for his team.

Third quarter ended with Guam leading by 33 with the scores Guam on 72 and Samoa on 39.

The fourth quarter was very fast moving and everyone started to get really into the game, with about 6 minutes left in the game Guam still had the lead and were playing too strong for Samoa.

With 4 minutes to go, Marquise Vaili from Samoa took a tumble and ended up on the ground which resulted in him being helped off the court and being unable to finish the rest of the match.

The game ended with Guam leading by 38 and the final scores were Guam on 86 and Samoa 48. 

By Amy Sanderson of The Reporters’ Academy



2015 FIBA Calendar

FIBA Agent Licensing Test
Canberra, 10th June
FIBA U19 World Championship for Men  

Crete, Greece 27th June to 5th July

28th Summer Universiade
TBC, 3rd to 14th July

XIVth Pacific Games
Port Moresby, PNG July 4th to 18th July

FIBA Oceania Board Meeting
Port Moresby, PNG 11th July

FIBA U19 World Championship for Women
Russia, 18th July to 26th July

Olympic Test Event
TBC, 1st August

FIBA Oceania Championships for Men
Game 1: Melbourne, Australia 15th August
Game 2: Wellington, New Zealand 18th August

FIBA Oceania Championships for Women
Game 1: Melbourne, Australia 15th August
Game 2: Tauranga, New Zealand 17th August

FIBA Oceania U16 Championships for Men & Women          
Women: 14-17 August, Tauranga, New Zealand
Men: 15-18 August, Porirua & Wellington, New Zealand

FIBA Agent Licensing Test
Canberra, 11th November


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