With two teams having prior success in competition in the days’ prior, New Zealand and Fiji battled it out on the court in an intense and fast paced match of basketball.

Showing everyone their sheer determination and team encouragement was Fiji who did their own version of the Hakka at the meeting of the two teams before the match.

As the first quarter was well underway we saw the New Zealand starters all work together and score one of the first goals of the match in just mere moments after the game started.

With both teams having exceptional athletic ability, the first quarter of the match was full of great offensive and defensive manoeuvres, with Fiji playing a full-court press.

This full-court press was in their favour, with some points in the paint keeping them in a close score with the opponent.

Throughout the second quarter, Koyamainavure managed to keep points coming for his team of Fiji scoring 8 rebounds and 7 points making him then highest scoring player for Fiji through the first half.

With a collaborative effort from the rest of the New Zealand team, Ihaka Pink managed to get the ball down to their end scoring 12 points, making him the highest scorer through the first half of the match.

After a long and tiring first half, it soon came to halftime with New Zealand ahead of their Fiji opponents 25-19.

Over halftime we saw the Fiji team sit together on the sidelines strategising and then getting back onto the court shooting some free throws, showing everyone that they were in it to win it.

Unfortunately for Fiji, New Zealand had come back into the match also ready for a tough game with plays to counteract those of Fiji’s.

Throughout the last half of the match we saw Denhym Brooke and Jack Salt, two of New Zealand taller players blocking the shots by the Fiji players, passing the ball off to fellow teammates to score goals.

One of New Zealand’s stand out players was Jayden Bezzant earning him self a ‘double double’ with 10 rebounds and 15 points whilst having 7 assists.

Fatigued players from both teams gave their absolute all and pushing out points toward the end, New Zealand defeated Fiji 66-47.

With the game finished, both team joined together in circle, doing a loud thunderous and mighty cheer after a game well played.

By Larissa Spano of The Reporters’ Academy



2015 FIBA Calendar

FIBA Agent Licensing Test
Canberra, 10th June
FIBA U19 World Championship for Men  

Crete, Greece 27th June to 5th July

28th Summer Universiade
TBC, 3rd to 14th July

XIVth Pacific Games
Port Moresby, PNG July 4th to 18th July

FIBA Oceania Board Meeting
Port Moresby, PNG 13th July

FIBA U19 World Championship for Women
Russia, 18th July to 26th July

Olympic Test Event
TBC, 1st August

FIBA Oceania Championships for Men & Women
NZL/AUS, 16th to 19th August

FIBA Agent Licensing Test
Canberra, 11th November

Oceania U16 Qualifications for Men & Women

TBC, 1st to 10th December


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