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2013 Pacific Championships for WomenDrawResultsLadder
2013 Pacific Championships for MenDrawResultsLadder
2013 U17 Womens ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2013 U17 Men's ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2013 Oceania Championships for WomenDrawResultsLadder
2013 Oceania Championships for MenDrawResultsLadder
2012 Womens Pacific Youth ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2012 Mens Pacific Youth ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2012 U19 Womens ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2012 U19 Mens ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2012 3x3 Girls ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2012 3x3 Boys ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2012 3x3 Girls ClubsDrawResultsLadder
2012 3x3 Boys ClubsDrawResultsLadder
2012 3x3 Girls InternationalDrawResultsLadder
2012 3x3 Boys InternationalDrawResultsLadder
2011 U17 Women's ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2011 U-17 Men's ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2011 Oceania Championships for WomenDrawResultsLadder
2011 Oceania Championships for MenDrawResultsLadder
2011 Pacific Games WomenDrawResultsLadder
2011 Pacific Games MenDrawResultsLadder
2010 Youth Tournament WomenDrawResultsLadder
2010 Youth Tournament MenDrawResultsLadder
2010 U-19 Womens ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2010 U-19 Mens ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2009 U-17 Women's ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2009 U-17 Men's ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2009 Oceania Championship for WomenDrawResultsLadder
2009 Oceania Championship for MenDrawResultsLadder
2009 Oceania Tournament WomenDrawResultsLadder
2009 Oceania Tournament MenDrawResultsLadder
2008 Junior Women's ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2008 Junior Men's ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2008 Youth Tournament WomenDrawResultsLadder
2008 Youth Tournament MenDrawResultsLadder
2007 Oceania Championship for WomenDrawResultsLadder
2007 Oceania Championships for MenDrawResultsLadder
2006 Youth Tournament WomenDrawResultsLadder
2006 Youth Tournament MenDrawResultsLadder
2006 U-19 Women ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2006 U-19 Men ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2006 U-21 Women ChampionshipsDrawResultsLadder
2005 Women's ChampionshipDrawResultsLadder
2005 Men's ChampionshipDrawResultsLadder


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2014 FIBA Calendar

FIBA Central Board Meeting
Barcelona, Spain 1st to 2nd February

FIBA Men's World Cup Draw
Barcelona, Spain 3rd February

FIBA Oceania Office Opening 
Canberra, Australia 28th February

FIBA Oceania Board Meeting
Canberra, Australia 1st to 2nd March

Samoa Basketball Federation
Annual General Meeting March (date to TBC)

FIBA Women's World Cup Draw
Istanbul, Turkey 15th March

FIBA Extraordinary Congress
Istanbul, Turkey 16th March

ONOC Assembly                                          
Guam 2nd to 4th May

FIBA Oceania Congress
Sydney, Australia 9th to 11th May

Basketball New Zealand
Annual General Meeting May 23rd, Wellington

FIBA World Championship for U17 Women               
Bratislava, Slovakia 11th to 20th July

Micronesian Games                                       
Pohnpei, FSM 20th to 29th July

FIBA World Championship for U17 Men                   
UAE - Dubai 8th to 16th August

Youth Olympic Games                                  
Nanjing, China 16th to 28th August

FIBA Congress
Barcelona, Spain 26th to 28th August

World Championship for Men                       
Madrid, Spain 30th August to 14th September

World Championship for Women                   
Istanbul, Turkey 27th September to 5th October

Special Olympics Australia
Melbourne, Australia 20th October to 25th October

Oceania U19 Qualifications for Men & Women

Suva, Fiji 1st December to 6th December


Livestats Training in Suva Fiji