Mark Bickley took on inaugural Port captain Gavin Wanganeen in a NAB Fanshake over the result of the first Showdown of the 2015 AFL Premiership season with the lo...

Senior Umpires Wanted

Umpires with experience are wanted to assist mentoring 30 to 40 new green shirt umpires

Free kicks against officials

Queries are raised on a number of occasions about whether Umpires are allowed to award free more

NEMJFA Competitions


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Permits closed 30th May 

Delegates Meeting 7th July Salisbury West 7.30pm

Registration for premiership grades closed 30th June

U16's NEMJFA v YARRA FL 10am Sunday 5th July @ Centrals Oval

Bye middle week of July 10/12th school holidays 

All Grand Finals Sunday 13th September




What do you rate more about your child playing junior football