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Banksia Reserve, Oak Street, Beaumaris

Welcome to Beaumaris Auskick for 2014

Following an outstanding 2013 where we had an amazing group of

Auskickers and consistent active contribution from our Auskick Dad's

(and mums of course....) all the Auskick Coaches are really excited about 

the year ahead.


Beaumaris Auskick commences on Saturday 26 April 2014 9am.

With the exception of school holidays (see calendar for dates) it is expected

that Beaumaris Auskick will continue until Saturday 16 August 2014.


On the final day, the kids will get an opportunity to run through a banner,

play full games, demonstrates their skills and team work. 

Each child will also receive a medal of participation from their coaches.


Auskick starts at 9am sharp and concludes at 10:30am.

Note that the Kinder kids can finish as early as 10:00 am - 10:15am.


A Parent/Guardian must be in attendance at all times and

we strongly encourage active involvement in our program.

Its for the kids so ask the coaches how you can help!


Please ensure for new and re-nrolments to update age and correct DOB 

to ensure you child is allocated to the appropriate age group.


The age rule is that your son/daughter must have turned

5 years old by 30 September 2014, therefore if they are

4 years old now and turning 5 prior to 30 September then they

are eligible.  We have a 'kinda group' for the young ones so please

ensure the ages are listed correctly. For insurance reasons we are not

allowed to accept any child that doesn't meet the minimum age criteria.


For your son/daughter to get the most out of Auskick we need

your support so please advise if you can contribute with:

Coaching, assistant Coaching, Photography, on site Medical

support, Equipment / Procurement officer or assisting with

or providing Sponsorship.



Registration MUST be online with a credit card  via the Auskick website

(aflauskick.com.au), click on the blue "Register Here" banner on the right

hand side - nominating the centre as: Beaumaris Auskick  


Registration & Collection of Auskick Bags

Once you have registered and paid (in full) we can issue your son / daughter with

an Auskick backpack. Please note that you MUST bring a copy of your payment

confirmation which will be emailed to you immediately after you registered/paid.

Back pack collection will be Thursday 24th April 5-7pm - at club rooms.                               


If you require further details please email on beaumaris.auskick@gmail.com;



Paul Gleeson

Beaumaris Auskick Coordinator 2013/14









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