Grafton Netball is heading into Semi-finals this week. Considering the last couple of weeks having been cancelled due to rain, we are all praying to the weather gods to keep the rain away. If by chance we do happen to experience unfavourable weather, games will commence as planned. We wish all participating teams the best of luck this weekend, and hope to see all of our players return, refreshed and excited for the new season next year.

 A1 teams Redmen Aussie Steakhouse and Tucabia Opals will be a sight to see this weekend as they battle it out for a one-way ticket straight to the grand final and a top seat in this year’s competition. The other game in this grade will be between GHS Pink Ladies and City Waratahs. Both games will be of equal quality, so come down and watch some hard fought netball. Due to the splitting of this grade, SSB Topshelf and Redmen Aussie Hotel will compete for the A2 honorary title.

 In B1, it will be the battle between the young and the experienced. With Tucabia Southies only dropping one game in the season and GHS Jerry Hatricks losing just two, these teams will be battling until the final whistle. Tucabia Legends are playing Rhino Rebels in the Minor-Semi. Although separated by a large point gap, it should be very close game if Rebels can field a full team. In B2, GHS Jaguars at their full strength are expected to keep GHS Cheetahs on their toes as they go head-to-head this Saturday in a rematch of last year’s Grand Final. B2 is made up of mostly GHS school teams; a fact that in itself tells us how strong the teams are from this club. With Misfits and Diamonds rounding out the Minor-Semi, the odds are that GHS will make up both teams for the Grand Final.

 In other grades the competition runs just as hot, with C Grade’s GHS Flamingos and Thunder ending the weekly rounds on equal points. This will be the first time that these times meet on the court this season, due to rainy weather and competition cancellation. City Dolphins and GHS Hotshots round out the C Grade semis with both teams eager to display all they have to offer to the game. Additionally, Inter Grade Rhino Rubies and Northside Rainbow Unicorns, having also finished their competition on equal points, will compete in a test of staying power to fight for their instant ticket to the Grand Final. Tucabia Bullets and Rhino Hashtags finished on 19 points each, making these teams on par to see who triumphs.

 D grade has now been split into 2 divisions, which will allow more teams a chance at earning the glory of becoming winners. Northside Strikers will take on Rhino Jindas, which should prove to be an exciting contest for victory. Two Grafton High school teams, Mixers and Jets, will be playing hard to take on the losing team out of the aforementioned competitors. In D2, Rhino Warriors will verse SSB Snacess; two fairly new teams to the competition who will try to obtain the right to represent their clubs in the big game. Hot on their heels for the top spot is City Sapphires and Rhino Renegades.

 11/12yrs Northside Angels and City Stars will be playing off in the Major-Semi, separated by only one point on the ladder which indicates that this should be a close, hard-fought game. Allstars and Northside Sapphires are set to compete in the Minor-Semi, also equally matched as they share the same number of points. We’re looking forward to see which two teams will be victorious in the end.

The 10yrs division consists of four teams, therefore each team is guaranteed a spot in semis. It will be up to each of these teams to prove their worth and make it through to the end game. Good luck Northside Koolkids, Rhino Sprites, City Glitter and Northside Lollipops.


A1 Grade - Tucabia Opals
A2 Grade - SSB Topshelf
B1 Grade - Tucabia Southies
B2 GRADE - GHS Jaguars
C Grade - GHS Flamingos
D1 Grade - Northside Strikers
D2 Grade - Rhino Warriors


It’s party time for our Net Set Go kids this coming weekend. The last session of the year will be held this coming Saturday due to being rained out last weekend. Concluding a fun filled 10 weeks for our young, aspiring players. A presentation will be held for the girls after the usual session to celebrate their achievements over the last few months and award them for their perseverance.



Please note that all executive and representative coaching positions are now open for nomination in order to select our GNA team for 2015. If you have any inquiries, feel free to visit the control building on a Saturday in order to gain more information. This is a great opportunity for you to become more involved in the netball experience, and we appreciate the help and support of all those who feel that they can contribute to the betterment of our association.

Nominations for both “Club Person of the Year” and “Coach of the Year” are now being taken at the control building. If you believe that anyone is worthy of either of these titles, don’t hesitate to make further inquiries about this with our executives as they will provide you with more information.



Representative trials for our 2015 teams will be held on the 31st August & 7th September at the Grafton Netball Courts. Remember the age you are turning next year is the age that you are trying out for.

Try outs for 31st August are at the following times:

11yrs Development - 9.00 - 10:30am ( 11yrs in 2015 )
12yrs - 9:00am - 10:30am
13yrs - 11:00am - 12:00pm
14yrs - 12:30pm - 1:30pm
15yrs and 17yrs - 1:30pm -2:30pm

Session times for 7th September are yet to be determined.

The final selection day will occur on Wednesday, 22nd October between 4 – 7pm.

If you are interested in trying out for our representative teams, please come to the control building on Saturday.

If you are unable to make either trial day please contact Brooke Burton on 0437426070.


Grafton Netball will be creating a development squad for our younger players to prepare them for future representative involvement.

Alex Sheiles has volunteered to become the coach of this squad.

Trials will be held on the 31st August at 9am-10:30am.
Please head to control on Saturday for more information.



Update on A Grade. The A Grade split will now be the top four teams. (Tucabia Opals, Redman Steakhouse, Pink Ladies and City Waratahs) These four teams will fight it out for the A Grade premiership.
The following two teams (SSB Top Shelf and Redman Aussie Hotel) will fight it out for the A Reserve Title, playing in the Semi Finals on the 30th August and Grand Finals on 13th September.

D Grade has been split into D1 and D2; the top four teams will play for the winning title of D1, with the remainder of the teams will verse each other for victory within the D2 division.



All Grafton Netball information, including umpiring updates, coaching information, representative and general news will be located on our Facebook page and website. These media sources will act as our primary outlets for our association.

No points have been awarded to any teams for rounds held on days where weather has resulted in the cancellation of games, and these rounds will not be replayed due to weekend and time limitations.

Our association would like to remind both parents and players that there is a NO PARKING policy regarding the open grass near Court 7, nor on any grassed areas surrounding the courts at any stage of the day.



The Grafton Netball Association would like to remind all, that the grounds are a No Smoking Area and a No Alcohol Zone



23rd Aug - Net Set Go Party Day
30th  Aug - Semi-finals
31st Aug - Rep Trials
6th Sept - Finals
7th  Sept - Rep trials
13th Sept - Grand Finals
15th Sept - Monthly meeting
20th Oct - Annual General Meeting



24-Aug Regional Meeting Casino

3-Oct School Holiday Clinic Grafton



Rhinos: Sandra Hastings - sjhastings7@yahoo.com.au
City Club: Cate - cmwauchope@gmail.com
(Cate from City club is interested in buying back any of City Club's uniforms)
SSB or CVAS: Mandy Searle - mandymum7@hotmail.com

Grafton High: Wendy Green - we3girls11@hotmail.com or ph 66447554
Northside: Annette Lloyd - icsamuel@bigpond.com
or mob 0429948622
Tucabia: Debbie Bailey - 6644 5655
Grafton Redmen: Michelle Call - meish33@hotmail.com or 0438424398, and Sarah Templeton - saraht@westlawn.com.au or 0411631216