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SEASON 2016 


Grand Final Results




CGJFL Under 10's 2016




Yinnar                                   4.1  (25)


Hill End & Grove Rovers    0.0  (0)




GOALS, Yinnar :


X. McCafferty 1, O. McColl 1, W. Xerri 1, C. Thorburn 1




BEST, Yinnar :


L. Cheffers, C. Thorburn, F. Schill, B. Burrows, H. Bugeja, H. McCulloch




Hill End & Grove Rovers :


B. Sword, W. Robinson, M. Brosnan, D. Paul, M. Hasthorpe, M. Rolfe






CGJFL Under 12's 2016




Trafalgar                               6.11  (47)


Leongatha Green                 4.1  (25)




GOALS, Trafalgar :


B. Humphrey 5, H. Kenny 1




Leongatha Green :


T. Hanily 1, J. Burns 1, T. McRae 1, R. Weaver 1




BEST, Trafalgar :


B. Humphrey, H. Kenny, M. Treadwell, T. Robertson, M. Findlay, O. Bloomfield-Ball




Leongatha Green :


J. Helms, B. Weston, T. Hanily, J. Burns, L. Gill, A. Kemper






CGJFL Under 14's 2016




Trafalgar                              7.19  (61)


Morwell Navy                       4.3  (27)




GOALS, Trafalgar :


B. Humphrey 3, A. Templeton 1, R. Bills 1, D. Gauci 1, J. McGrath 1




Morwell Navy :


B. Gillespie 2, D. Ryan 1, A. Coad 1




BEST, Trafalgar :


J. McGrath, A. Connolly, B. Humphrey, D. Gauci, R. Bills, C. Burgess




Morwell Navy :

J. Mackenzie, P. Carte, A. Coad, B. Gillespie, B. Williams, L. Thorp














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