The Central Murray Football & Netball League

The CMFNL is led by a Board of Management, with the day-to-day operations being managed by the AFL Vic Country Central Murray RAC.

The CMFL came into existence in 1997, with the merger of the Mid-Murray Football League and the Northern & Echuca Football League. Geographically the league adjoins the Murray River with Swan Hill and Kerang being the two largest and most central towns. The CMFNL is bounded by Balranald in the north and its most southern club, Cohuna Kangas. The league and its clubs draw players from a very large broad acre farming and irrigation horticultural region on both sides of the Murray River.

At the conclusion of the 2009 season the Board in consultation with senior umpires established a new umpiring group, whose members were employees of the Board and not an independent association. This innovative structure, one of the first in Victoria, provided the Board with the capability of re-invigorating umpiring and setting out a new strategic plan, aligned with the goals of the League.

In 2013 the CMFNL merged with its associated netball league; having already merged with the junior football league in 2008.

The CMFNL is strategic, future oriented and focussed on fulfilling its vision;

>>     CMFNL, providing a quality sporting environment     <<

Affiliated Clubs:

> Balranald
> Tooleybuc-Manangatang
> Nyah Nyah-West United
> Woorinen
> Swan Hill
> Tyntynder
> Lake Boga
> Mallee Eagles
> Kerang
> Koondrook-Barham
> Cohuna Kangas

CMFNL Board Chairman:

John Brookshaw
Ph. 0418 342 343
Email: johnbrookshaw@bigpond.com

Operations Manager: (AFL Victoria Country Central Murray)

David Alderuccio
Ph. 0408 807 325
Email: david@aflcm.com.au

League Contact Details:
Central Murray Football & Netball League
PO Box 376
Swan Hill 3585

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Test your Football Rules - Did you know this Rule?

A team member from the offensive team is lined up and shooting for goal in the 50m arc. A defensive team member is on the mark. A defensive team member standing directly behind the umpire repeatedly yells "play on", "play on" to the goal shooter.

A defensive team member tackles the goal shooter thinking it was the umpire calling "play on".

As the umpire; what is your ruling?

1. 50m penalty for going over the mark?
2. Play on?
3. Report the player yelling "Play on"?
4. None of the above?

Answer: None of the above - A free kick is awarded against the defensive player who yelled "play on" for preventing an Umpire from performing their duties ... consequently 50m penalty. (AFL Rules 15.5e)

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