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Notice Board

Can all Club Secretaries please check the contact details information in Fox Sports Pulse ie President, Secretary etc etc IN PARTICULAR email addresses is correct.  It is extremely important this is kept up to date as it is the first source of contact.  Please attend to this as soon as possible.   

Notice Board




We would like to advise all Clubs in the NEFL that online registration of all players will be available later in the year in readiness for the 2015 season. 

It will be up to the individual player over 18 years and to the parent/caregiver of players under 18 years of age to register online.  If this is not done, then that player will not be able to play until their registration is completed.

It is not the responsibility of the Club to register their players and can not be done by the Club on behalf of the player.

Further information will be given to each Club to pass to their players as soon as it is received.

It is an important part of the player registration to have a valid email address when registering.  If all Clubs could commence to pass this information onto their players, it would be much appreciated.

A Grade

A Grade

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B Grade 2014


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