School Player & Teacher Registration


Outlined below are the major elements in the Membership system that have been updated and revitalised and how they will look. While this is slated as a refresh of the current system and its functionality, you will notice that there are a couple of handy features added to the new system.

What’s New?

   1.    Navigation

The first thing you'll notice when you sign in to SP Membership will be the new Navigation. To give more horizontal screen real estate to the member tables, the old left column navigation has been rebuilt into a series of drop down menus. The key aspects of your database (Members, Competitions, Clubs, Teams) have been placed across the top of the page and all relevant functions for those elements have been grouped together. It is an intuitive change to the layout of the menus and their content and should provide a smoother navigation process.


 2.    The Dashboard

Important information is now up front such as key contacts and tasks that require your attention. You can also see at a glance how your SP Membership database is evolving with a configurable series of graphs. These can display things like membership numbers, players by gender, clearances and registrations to name a few.

 3.    New Grids

The grids for Members/Competitions/Clubs/Teams have been updated with a cleaner look and giving greater flexibility in how to view your data. Columns can be resized and sorted alphabetically or numerically. All records can be displayed in one grid or set a limit for faster processing.

How it currently looks:

  4.    User Interface

Clearly labelled buttons have replaced icons so you know exactly what your options are on a given screen. Many elements have added spacing and/or padding to give a clearer delineation between your options and your data.


  5.    The Search Box

The inclusion of an improved and rather nifty search function will be sure to make things quicker and easier when navigating through your database. Situated at the top right of the page, the search function will search for any members, clubs, teams, competitions in your database as you type.


6.    Full Screen

The ability to set your database screen to a full screen is a new function that has been added. With computer monitors getting larger and larger, this will allow you to dynamically fit your database to the full screen width of your monitor.

 7.    Member Profile Page

The Member Profile page will neatly group member information together and lists all member functions and options across the top menu. You will notice that for quick reference, a member's record will now clearly list a members registration status for the current season.


While there are a couple of new functionality pieces available in the new membership system, the overall look and feel of the system is the significant update. As of 12th December 2012 the new system will be available interchangeably with the current system, so if you’d like to pop in and have a look at and even use the new version you can. You’re welcome to continue using the current system for the time being, however from February 6 2013 the new version will be implemented for all users.