Name Address Map Ref.
Aqualink Box Hill (WHH) Surrey Drive BOX HILL 47 B11
Balwyn High School Buchanan Avenue BALWYN NORTH 46 C4
Balwyn High School Court 1 (BHS1)
Balwyn High School Court 2 (BHS2)
Balwyn Leisure Centre (BWN) Gordon Barnard Reserve 230 Balwyn Road BALWYN NORTH 46 F2
Banksia (Charles Latrobe College) Kingsbury Drive (near Oriel Road) MACLEOD 19 J8
Banksia 1 (Charles Latrobe College)
Banksia 2 (Charles Latrobe College)
Banyule YMCA (BY) 157 Wungan Street MACLEOD 20 A8
Boroondara Park Primary School (BPPS) Almond Street BALWYN NORTH 46 F2
Box Hill High School Corner Whitehorse & Middleborough Roads BOX HILL 47 G10
Box Hill High School Court 1 (BOX1)
Box Hill High School Court 2 (BOX2)
Bulleen Basketball Centre Sheahans Road BULLEEN 32 G5
Bulleen Basketball Centre - Blue (BB)
Bulleen Basketball Centre - Gold (BG)
Charles Latrobe College (CLT) Kingsbury Drive (corner Waiora Rd) Macloed 19 J8
Collingwood College (CW) McCutcheon Way COLLINGWOOD 2C G10
Croydon Hills Primary School (HIL) Campaspe Drive CROYDON HILLS 36 G10
Doncaster Leeds Street Centre Court 1 (DLS1)
Doncaster Leeds Street Centre Court 2 (DLS2)
Doncaster Leeds Street Sports Centre Leeds Street DONCASTER EAST 47 K1
Eltham College (ECCA Centre) (EC) Main Road RESEARCH 22 K1
Eltham High School Withers Way ELTHAM 21 H8
Eltham High School Court 1 (EH1)
Eltham High School Court 2 (EH2)
Eltham High School Court 3 (EH3)
Eltham Leisure Centre Brougham Street ELTHAM 21 H7
Eltham Leisure Centre East (EE)
Eltham Leisure Centre West (EW)
Fitzroy High School (FITZ) Falconer Street FITZROY NORTH 30 C12
Ivanhoe East Primary School (Space Centre) (IVE) Warncliffe Road IVANHOE EAST 31 J9
Koonung Secondary College (KN) Corner Elgar Road & Cairo Road (enter from Cairo Road) BOX HILL NORTH 47 B5
Laburnum Primary School (LAB) Middleborough Road (enter off Janet St) BLACKBURN 47 G12
Marcellin College Bulleen Road (enter via Sandra Street, rear school gates) Bulleen 32 D10
Marcellin College Court 1 (MC1)
Marcellin College Court 2 (MC2)
Milgate Primary School (MGP) Landscape Drive Doncaster East 24 F19
Montmorency Secondary College Simms Road Montmorency 21 B4
Montmorency Secondary College Court 1 (EMM1)
Montmorency Secondary College Court 2 (EMM2)
Olympic Village Leisure Centre (OLY2) Alamein Road HEIDELBERG WEST 19 E12
Olympic Village Primary School (OLY1) (NOT Leisure Centre) Alamein Road HEIDELBERG WEST 19 E12
Orchard Grove Primary School (OGPS) 101 Orchard Grove Entry via Holland Drive BLACKBURN SOUTH 3130 61 J3
Park Orchards Community Centre (PK) Bowmore Avenue PARK ORCHARDS 35 E11
Parkwood Secondary College (PWS) Tortice Drive RINGWOOD NORTH 35 K12
Princes Hill Secondary College (CAR) Arnold Street CARLTON NORTH 29 H11
Ringwood Heights Primary School (RGH) Summit Crescent RINGWOOD NORTH 49 E5
Slater Reserve off Grosvenor Street BLACKBURN NORTH 48 C5
Slater Reserve Court 1 (SR1)
Slater Reserve Court 2 (SR2)
St Clements of Rome Primary School (SCRP) 9 Egan Drive (off Manningham Road) BULLEEN 32 F8
St Helena Secondary College Wallowa Road (enter from second driveway) ST HELENA 11 G9
St Helena Secondary College Court 2 (STH2)
St Helena Secondary College Court1 (STH1)
T.B.A. Venue is yet to be announced
Templestowe College (TC) Cypress Avenue TEMPLESTOWE LOWER 33 C7
Templestowe Heights Primary School (THT) High Street TEMPLESTOWE LOWER; 33 C7
Templestowe Leisure Centre Corner Foote Street and Anderson Street TEMPLESTOWE 33 E5
Templestowe Leisure Centre Court 1 (TLC1)
Templestowe Leisure Centre Court 2 (TLC2)
Thornbury High School (THOR) Matisi St (no entry from Collins St) THORNBURY 31 B4
Training Court 1
Training Court 2
Warrandyte High School (WR) Corner Warrandyte Road & Alexander Road WARRANDYTE 34 H2
Warrandyte Sports Complex (WSC) (Anderson Creek Primary) Drysdale Road WARRANDYTE 35 C2
Whitehorse Primary School (WPS) 70 Junction Road BLACKBURN NORTH 48 D6
xCharles Latrobe College Kingsbury Drive (near Oriel Road) MACLEOD 19 J8

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