Kawana Touch Association

2015 Season 1 - Senior and Junior Competitions

Nominations for the 2015 Season 1 - are now opened. For the first time Kawana Touch will be working online for registrations as required by Touch Football Australia. This change has come about to assist with insurance claims and policies and administration of the game. It is a compulsory change for Kawana Touch. Please refer to the "Competition Info" tab for more information.more

Referees - Introductory Officiating General Principles

Future Kawana Touch Referees Courses will use the new package released by Touch Football Australia. The new course is much shorter because some content is now online and must be done before attending a referees course. 'Introductory Officiating General Principles'
Please contact Terri to enrol for next coursemore
AMART Community Kickbacks

AMART Community Kickbacks

Our club has been selected to participate in the Amart Community Kickbacks Program. Under this program, the club can earn 5% of your purchases at Amart Sports as instore credit to spend on our sports program.more
Kawana Touch Association

What is Touch Football

Touch football is a fast flowing game of football featuring an oval-shaped ball a bit smaller than a rugby league or union ball, which is passed (not kicked!) around the field in order to score a touchdown.

While players share similar skills to rugby league, this game is a limited contact sport. Instead of being tackled to the ground, players are touched or 'tipped' by the opposing players. The game is a lot faster and players are sometimes only on the field for two-minute bursts before being substituted. There are only six players per side, but the field is only 70m x 50m.

Touch footy is one of the most popular participation sports in Australia and is played at many different levels including juniors, youth, opens, masters, socially, competitive and competitions including State, National, International.more

Banking and EFTPOS

Our banking details are as follows: Kawana Touch Association Inc Suncorp 484-799 602644894

The EFTPOS faciility at Kawana Touch accepts Savings, Cheque, and Credit Cards. You can use this to settle Team Fees or buy your mates a round of drinks!

Sunshine Coast Pineaple 100SQ

Sunshine Coast

Visit for information regarding NTL and events in the Region

Information regarding selection procedures and policies for NTL are available from there too.

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