All touch is OFF, today, 5th February 2014

All touch has been cancelled for today.more

Playing in more than one team in a competition.

A number of players have asked whether they can play in more than 1 team in the Men's comp. Unfortunately this is not allowed. Teams who have players from other teams play for them will forfeit the game. There should be no players registered in more than 1 team - if you think you are, please come and see Marc.more

Player payments due this week 20/11/13

Player payments are now overdue. Unfinancial players are not permitted to take the field. Don't ask to pay after the game. This week is round 7. Bring your money and pay before you play.more

Junior teams / players lists are available here...

Click the link to see the Junior comp teams and players lists.
You will need this to make sense of the new draws... click more to see the link!more

2013-2014 Summer Competition

Information for the upcoming summer is here. Click more to read on...more
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