Primary School touch day This friday

Touch must be strong as this year we have 90 teams from our local primary schools competing in our annual touch gala day, some people have given their time and effort to mark out fields etc, what we do need is a couple of people to help throught the morning. we need some help with data entry and at the start getting the teams to correct fields .please help your clubmore

Draw 3/9/14 - 1st week of finals

F1 Ready Hire V Pulse - Tile Shop (Ref)
F2 Bottom Pub V Backpackers - DRC (Ref)
F3 Mitre 10 V Yaegl - Mix Ups (Ref)
F4. Wormburners V Tavern Middies - Argyle (Ref)

F1. DRC V Mix Ups - Bottom Pub/Pulse (Ref)
F2. Tile Shop V Leche - Mitre 10 (Ref)
F3. Argyle V Hilton - Wormburners (Ref)

Bye Tavern Skoonersmore

Touch Committee meeting This Thursday 6pm at Canteen

Anyone interested in voicing an opinion about touch please come along to our quartly meeting, we are looking for people interested in organising a junior comp to run for 6 weeks up to xmasmore

Draw 20/8/14

Ready Hire V Hilton - Ref Pulse Fitness
Tile Shop V Yaegl - Ref Bottom Pub
Argyle V Tavern Skooners - Ref Mix Ups
Backpackers V Tavern Middies - Ref Leche

Bottom Pub V Pulse Fitness - Ref Ready Hire
DRC V Leche - Ref Tile Shop
Wormburners V Mix Ups - Ref Yaegl

Bye Mitre 10more

Loss of points for not supplying ref.

The following teams have lost 3 competition points for not supplying a ref Pulse Fitness (2/7/14)
Argyle Big Reds (25/6/14)
If teams do not supply a ref 3 times they are not eligable for finalsmore

No Games 9/7/14

There will be no games next week 9/7/14. Due to School Holidays, Races and State of Origin being on.more

Games will start on time tonight.... 5.45pm & 6.30pm


We have had some complaints about rough tags!!

Push Backs and rough tags will not be tollerated. Keep our game clean, it is touch not shove.more

Winter Comp Rules - Womens Try = 2 points


Teams who do not pay rego in full will not be playing


Teams who do not show for ref duties will have to forfeit their game


Rego Money Due This Week

Full payment of rego $600 per team is due tonight.....BRING MONEY!!!!more

Ref Duties

Teams Are now being noted as to who has done duties. If you do not provide referee's and nominated at start of the season you will be addressed a forefit or not be able to start the game unless you contact Bryce at Ref duties will be rotated and you will not always be expected to ref!more

New touch Committee

President- Tim Ryan,V/P- Shannon Stokes,Secrectary- Kim Menzel, Treas- Tim Stokes,Committee- Bryce Fink,Kris Thomsen,Leigh Bushell,Ange Eke, Jenna Kelly,Kylie Lowe, Nicky Ryan and Chris Kerr. Congratulations to new committee members for keeping touch strong. Next committee meeting 25/02/2014 6 pm at Ray Laurie sports centremore

Raffle Winner - Dion Donnelly (Mooch) $50


Teams who do not supply a ref at allocated time this week will lose competion points


Teams who dont supply a ref risk losing competition points


winter 2013 winners

Congratulations to last nights winners
A Grade Pulse
B Grade Mitre 10
c Touch Upsmore

Yamba Touch on Facebook

If you wish to view the draw on your smart phone you will to do this through our face book page, the draw dosnt show correctly on this website if viewing on a phone.more


Cold; try wearing your touch shirt over other clothes or jumpermore

new touch ref's uniform

Registration & Uniform

If your name is not on team sign on sheet you are not registered and will not be eligable to play finals. See Commitee by 13/2/13 to register.
All teams are to be in uniform by 13/2/13.more

Iron on Numbers

Here is a link for any teams looking for iron on numbers

Yamba Ospreys Rep side

Congrats to Kris Thomsen and the team that represented Yamba at State Cup in Port Macquarie last weekend.First team to Represent Yamba for a long long time won one, Drew one lost a couple. follow yamba ospreys, on facebook Yamba rep touch

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