Senior Summer Touch 25/11/2015

F1 Coolrunnings V One Fine Team (The Gym)
F2 Twisted Sisters V Yaegl Tiddas (Violet Femmes)
F3 Optimum Health V Bacon Box (Harry’s Cutters)
F4 Ready Hire V Caltex Star Cards (Flying Squad)
F5 LC Dubbes V North Shore (Noisy Ocean)
F6 Yamba Tiles V Free Range Chicks (Boss/Stingrays)
F7 Strollers V Mitre 10 (Harwood)more

F1 F & S Yaegl V Magpie Mob (LC Dubbes)
F2 BOSS V Harwood Hilton (Optimum Health)
F3 Flying Squad V Harrys Cutters (Caltex Starcards)
F4 Atavisim V The Gym (Coolrunnings)
F5 Noisy Ocean V TDI Stingrays (Strollers)
F6 Checkers V The Chicks (Free Range Chickens)
F7 Violet Femmes V Tiffs Team (Mitre 10)

Also, a reminder that our AGM is at 6pm on Thursday the 26th of November, in thmore


NOTICE OF MOTION; in accordance with dept fair trading requirements Yamba touch football incorp need to adopt the new model constitution as displayed on their websitemore

Primary School Draw 25/11/15 – 5pm

1. Warriors V Cutbacks
2. Little Deamons V Hawks
3. Front Field - 1st Year Players
Back Field - 2nd Year Players
4. Untouchables V Iluka Allstars
5. Kids V Buffalos
6. Thunderbolts V Touchdowns
7. Flames V Cheetahsmore

Senior Summer Touch 18/11/2015

F1 Noisy Ocean V BOSS (Yamba Tiles)
F2 Bacon Rox V Harry’s Cutters (Optimum Health)
F3 Yaegl Tiddas V North Shore (TDI Stingrays)
F4 One Fine Team V L C Dubbes (Harwood)
F5 Free Range Chickens V Ready Hire (Strollers)
F6 Twisted Sisters V Violet Femmes (The Gym)
F7 F & S Yaegl V Mitre 10 (Flying Squad)more

F1 Yamba Tiles Red V Physio Strollers (BOSS)
F2 Harwood V Flying Squad (Violet Femmes)
F3 The Chicks V Coolrunnings (Yaegl Tiddas)
F4 Caltex Storecards V Magpie Mob (Bacon Box)
F5 Optimum Health V TDI Stingrays (Noisy Ocean)
F6 Tiffs Team V Atavism (Free Range Chickens)
F7 The Gym V Checkers (Ready Hire)more

Primary School Draw – 18/11/15 - 5pm

1. Little Deamons V Warriors
2. Hawks V Cutbacks
3. Front Field - 1st year players
Back Field - 2nd year players
4. Iluka Allstars V Flames
5. Thunderbolts V Falcons V Cheetahs
6. Touchdown V The Kids
7. Buffalos V Untouchablesmore

Senior Sumer Touch 11/11/2015

F1 Violet Femmes V Yaegle Tiddas (Free Range Chicks)
F2 The Gym V Cool Runnings (Harwood)
F3 Atavism V Twisted Sister (Lindy)
F4 Ready Hire V Physio Strollers (Flying Squad)
F5 Yamba Tiles V F & S Yaegl (Harry’s Cutters)
F6 TDI Stingrays V Bacon Box (Noisy Ocean)
F7 BOSS V Optimum Health (Tim)more

F1 North Shore Iluka V One Fine Team (Lindy)
F2 Harry’s Cutter V Harwood (Optimum Health)
F3 Flying Squad V Noisy Ocean (Violet Femmes)
F4 Caltex Storecards V Free Range Chickens (Strollers)
F5 Checkers V Tiffs Team (Bacon Box)
F6 LC Dubbas V The Chicks (Stingrays)
F7 Mitre 10 V Magpie Mob (Tiddas)more

Primary School Draw 5pm 11/11/15

1. Hawks V Warriors
2. Cutbacks V Little Deamons
3. Front Field - 1st Year Players
Back Field - 2nd Year Players
4. Buffalos V Iluka Alstars
5. Untouchables V Touchdowns V Flames
6. The Kids V Thunderbolts
7. Falcons V Cheetahsmore

Please Note:

Payments and Online registrations are now overdue. If you have not paid or registered, you can not take the field, until complete.

AGM: Thursdsay the 26th of November 2015, 6:00pm Yamba Touch Fields canteenmore

Summer Senior Touch 4/11/2015

F1 The Chicks V North Shore Iluka (Mitre 10)
F2 Peak Health V Flying Squad (Atavism/Violet Femmes)
F3 Bacon Box V Harwood Hilton (Noisy Ocean)
F4 Magpie Mob V Ready Hire (Harry’s Cutters)
F5 Yamba Tiles Red V Physio Strollers (Tiffs Team)
F6 Yaegl Tiddas V One Fine Team (TDI Stingrays)
F7 The Gym V LC Dubay’s (Free Range Chickens)more

F1 Tiffs Team V Cool Runnings (Brook McDonald)
F2 Violet Femmes V Atavism (Ready Hire)
F3 Harry’s Cutters V Noisy Ocean (Peak Health)
F4 Caltex Storecards V Mitre 10 (Physio Strollers)
F5 F & S Yaegl V Free Range Chickens (LC Dubay’s)
F6 Stingrays V BOSS (Yaegl Tiddas)
F7 Twisted Sisters V Checkers (Bacon Box)
Please Note: Payments and Online registrations are now overdue. If you hmore

Primary School Draw 4/11/15 – 5pm

1. Warriors V Cutbacks
2. Little Deamons V Hawks
3. Front Field - 1st Year players
Back Field - 2nd Year Players
4. The Flames V The Falcons
5. Cheetahs V The Kids/Iluka Allstars
6. Thunderbolts V Untouchables
7. Touchdowns V Buffalosmore

Help Needed

The Examiner Touch for high schools that we had to abandon due to electrical storms is now to be play this coming Monday 2nd Nov, Please help out where possible by Refereeing or canteen Need help to start at 3.30 for 4 pm start Ring Tim 0407078311more

Senior Summer Touch 2015 - Round 1 28/10/2015

F1 Checkers V Violet Femmes (Vinnies)
F2 Caltex Starcards V Yamba Physio (Mitre 10)
F3 Atavism V Yaegl Tiddas (Stingrays)
F4 Ready Hire V F & S Yaegl (Yamba Tiles)
F5 Bacon Rox V Free Range Chickens (Harry’s Cutters)
F6 Cool Runnings V Twisted Sisters (The Gym)
F7 One Fine Team V The Chicks (Peak Health)more

F1 Harwood V Noisy Ocean (Atavism)
F2 Peak Health V Harry’s Cutters (Caltex Starcards)
F3 North Shore V The Gym (Violet Femmes)
F4 Flying Squad V TDI Stingrays (Yamba Physio)
F5 Boss V Vinnies Lads (Free Range Chickens)
F6 Yamba Tiles Red V Mitre 10 (Bacon Rox)
F7 LC Dubay’s V Tiffs Team (Yaegl Tiddas)

Fees and Regos are Due NOW!
After this Week – NO PAY or REGO ONLINE NO PLAY!more

Primary School Draw - 5pm - 28/10/15

Primary School Draw 28/10/15
Field 1 – Touchdowns V Iluka All Stars
Field 2 – Thunderbolts V Buffalinos & The Falcons
Field 3 – Front ½ Field - 1st Year Players
Back ½ Field - 2nd Year Player
Field 4 – Untouchables V Cheetahs
Field 5 – The Kids V The Flames
Field 6 – Little Demons V Warriors
Field 7 – Hawks V Cut Backsmore

All Juniors Start at 5pm

Junior games begin at 5pm. Teams and registrations should be finalised this week. Don't forget to bring along a water bottle for your child.more


Fee increase after the 28/10/2015

Please note that fees need to be finalised by the 28th of October 2015. All fees paid after this date will increase by $20 :That is $90 for Seniors and $65 for Juniors.more

2015 primary summer Touch

All players and teams will be allocated games at fields tomorrow nightmore

Primary School Individual Registration Form

Click on more for Individual registration formmore

Primary Schools Team Registration Form

Click on more for the team registration formmore

Uniforms and sign on sheet

As we enter the finals all teams must make sure all rego details have been completed online, players not correctly entered online will not take the field in finals,
Teams with players out of uniform will be deducted a point for each player out of uniform up to 5 players , giving opposition up to 5 points start, correct playing uniform should be worn outside other clothesmore

Refereeing and Forfeits

Please advise Tim Ryan on (0407)078311 if your team is unavailable to play or referee.more

Playing Uniforms and player registrations

Teams have been advised that they must play in correct uniforms, After a written protest during a game played last Wednesday the match committee has had to overturn a result and promote a team. Don't let this happen to your team make sure all players are in correct uniform and are registered on the sheets Teams not complying will forfeit their win and not go thru to finals. Substitute uniform avaimore

Yamba Touch playing rules 2014

Teams need to make sure that Sign on sheets are up to date as only the 12 players listed on sign on sheets are eligible for finals as per Yamba Touch by laws and terms and conditions advertised. All players must have correct uniforms to compete in finals, a substitute shirt can be obtained from the committee which will make player eligible.more


No Pay no play from this wednesday, make sure you have gone online and paid most teams have not got many regestered playersmore

We have had some complaints about rough tags!!

Push Backs and rough tags will not be tollerated. Keep our game clean, it is touch not shove.more

Teams who do not show for ref duties will have to forfeit their game


Ref Duties

Teams Are now being noted as to who has done duties. If you do not provide referee's and nominated at start of the season you will be addressed as forefit Ref duties will be rotated and you will not always be expected to ref!more

Teams who dont supply a ref risk losing competition points


winter 2013 winners

Congratulations to last nights winners
A Grade Pulse
B Grade Mitre 10
c Touch Upsmore

Yamba Touch on Facebook

If you wish to view the draw on your smart phone you will to do this through our face book page, the draw dosnt show correctly on this website if viewing on a phone.more


Cold; try wearing your touch shirt over other clothes or jumpermore

new touch ref's uniform

Iron on Numbers

Here is a link for any teams looking for iron on numbers

Yamba Ospreys Rep side

Congrats to Kris Thomsen and the team that represented Yamba at State Cup in Port Macquarie last weekend.First team to Represent Yamba for a long long time won one, Drew one lost a couple. follow yamba ospreys, on facebook Yamba rep touch

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