Sunraysia Football Netball League office is located in sunny Mildura in North West Victoria. The League consists of three city teams, Imperials, Mildura and South Mildura while Irymple, Merbein, Red Cliffs, Robinvale and Wentworth are situated outside of the immediate area although all clubs are situated within a 90 km range of each other.

Fishers IGA
The League's major sponsor.
Plus other valued corporate sponsors in
Mildura District Hospital Fund,
The Mildura Working Man's Club,
Sunraysia Daily
and Prime TV.
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Our office, situated at 58a Lemon Avenue, Mildura
is currently staffed
Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm
or by phoning 0409 220 606

Other times   
By appointment


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Notice Board



The Annual General Meeting of the

Sunraysia Football & Netball League Inc

will be held on

Tuesday, 25th November, 2014


City Oval, Mildura, commencing at 7:00pm.

Nominations for positions on the board
to be received, in writing,
at least 6 days prior to this meeting.

Notices of items of General Business
must be received, in writing,
at least 6 days prior to this meeting.

PO Box 121, Mildura, 3502.

Notice Board

As four (4) SF&NL Board positions are declared vacant,
nominations  have been received from (to 19.11.14):

*     Mark O’Donnell, nominated by P. Rhoden, seconded by J. Kennedy

*     Greg Stephens, nominated by P. Rhoden, seconded by P. Curran.

*     Bill Humphrey, nominated by P. Curran, seconded by P. Rhoden.

*     Roslyn Milverton, nominated by P. Maloney, seconded by P. Rhoden.