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Southland Football is located at the ILT Football centre in Islington Street Invercargill and manages everyday aspects of the sport in the Southland province for the Football South Federation of New Zealand Football.more

Annual Pre-Season session with refs coming up...

The annual session with the refs to discuss...more

New Football Development Officer on the job:

Southland Football has appointed Portuguese born Luis Paiva as their new Football Development Officer...more

2015 Season Almost Upon Us

The 2015 season is almost upon us and begins as usual...more

Queenstown FC Confirm Team Entries For 2015

It's one team in and one out of local comps for Queenstown Rovers as they...more

Referees News and Info

Always on the lookout to coax and coach new members this page is devoted to Referee activities and courses along with weekly appointments for senior matches...
For access, click on the "Referees" option on the topics bar above.more

Summer Football

Summer Football caters for all ages and genders and is played from October through to March with a break late Dec to late Jan for School and Xmas holidays.
To visit the dedicated website for Southland Summer Footy GoTo:

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Men's Pre-Season-Waihopai Cup

Men's Pre Season Premier 2015

Men's Pre Season-Social Cup

Men's Pre Season Social 2015

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