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FundRaiser Practice day Report:

The day started out cold again but the weather gods were good to us with a sunny morning. The track was prepped by Craig Andrews and crew and with the amount of rain that fell during the week it proved a challenge to get it ready.

10 a.m. The riders hit the track and the day went fantastic from there. The day was a success with families and riders all enjoying the food music and track time. Liam Andrews was powering around the track in preparation for a busy few weeks ahead. We wish him the best of luck and safe travel.


2014 Calendar Modified 


   "The new track is great!"

Many riders have told us it is now one the the best in Victoria.

So come ride the at Club

and join if you like it.


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Northern Series Event Report:

The day started frosty with bikes that were left out overnight covered in a layer of ice.Even though it started out cold the Sun was out and it soon warmed up. A great turnout of riders for the day and although the track started soggy it quickly dried out to some great racing lines.

140 plus riders battled it out over three rounds.

The day ran smoothly with all classes getting through and finished early enough for people to get home. Big thanks to all helpers, canteen ladies were amazing and to the Northern Series Organisers for a great event.

Results are posted throughout the day on Facebook, and MYLAPS has the reults and points standings.

Next race is at Swan Hill on Sunday August 17th.


Monster Energy Australia  MX  Current Points

MX 1


MX1 Series Standings
1 Matt Moss 550pts
2 Kirk Gibbs 532pts
3 Billy Mackenzie 482pts
4 Adam Monea 475pts
5 Jake Moss 420pts
6 Kade Mosig 386pts
7 Jacob Wright 364pts
8 Hayden Mellross 357pts
9 Rhys Carter 351pts
10 Brock Winston 345pts
11 Jay Marmont 338pts
12 Sam Martin 325pts
13 Lewis Woods 309pts
14 Jesse Dobson 303pts
15 Ben Townley 139pts
16 James Booth Elliott 124pts
17 Jesse O'Farrell 112pts
18 Matt Ginders 106pts
19 Brad Groombridge 96pts
20 Cody Cooper 81pts


MX2 Series Standings
1 Luke Clout 463pts
2 Hamish Harwood 447pts
3 Luke Arbon 420pts
4 Caleb Ward 404pts
5 Brenden Harrison 399pts
6 Kale Makeham 397pts
7 Kayne Lamont 395pts
8 Jay Wilson 392pts
9 Errol Willis 325pts
10 Josh Cachia 235pts
11 Ryan Marmont 234pts
12 Joel Evans 220pts
13 Wade Hunter 215pts
14 Riley Graham 214pts
15 Geran Stapleton 206pts
16 Joel Milesevic 199pts
17 Jake Emanuelli 187pts
18 Nick Sutherland 177pts
19 Dylan Long 167pts
20 Daniel McCoy 167pt


450MX Point Standings 

1. Ken Roczen 367 KTM 

2. Ryan Dungey 343 KTM

 3. Trey Canard 302 Hon

 4. James Stewart 226 Suz

5. Brett Metcalfe 222 Kaw

6. Josh Grant 218 Yam 

7. Weston Peick 188 Suz 

8. Andrew Short 187 KTM 

9. Eli Tomac 168 Hon 

10. Chad Reed 146 Kaw 


250MX Point Standings 

1. Jeremy Martin 341 Yam

2. Cooper Webb 298 Yam 

3. Blake Baggett 285 Kaw

4. Christophe Pourcel 246 Yam

5. Marvin Musquin 241 KTM

6. Justin Bogle 240 Hon

 7. Jason Anderson 236 KTM

8. Cole Seely 188 Hon

 9. Jessy Nelson 164 Hon

10. Justin Hill 150 Kaw 





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