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14/09/2015 Swifts Pull Up Their Socks For A Good Cause
09/09/2015 Mariners IN Orange
17/08/2015 Central Coast Mariners School Holiday Clinics
18/06/2015 Harrison Park Lighting Upgrade
12/06/2015 President's Message
20/05/2015 Western NSW Football State Title Trials
28/04/2015 NEW DATE || Grassroots Coaching Expo/Grassroots Certificate
13/04/2015 2015 Junior Teams announced
04/04/2015 2015 Registration Information
02/03/2015 Central Coast Mariners School Holiday Clinics
27/02/2015 2015 Registration Dates
31/01/2015 Mariners egar to build relationship with Western NSW
09/12/2014 Christmas special from the Central Coast Mariners
08/09/2014 2014-15 Summer Soccer Nominations Open
03/09/2014 Central Coast Mariners in Western NSW
04/06/2014 PROFILES -- Corey McDean (U/13 Western NSW Mariners player)
26/04/2014 PROFILES - April 2014 HayleyChester (Open Ladies player)
26/04/2014 2014 Junior Teams
05/04/2014 2014 Parkes Cup
26/03/2014 PROFILES - March 2014 Blake Medlyn (Western NSW Mariners player)
06/03/2014 2014 Junior Registration Dates
05/03/2014 Lachlan United boy's training to commence
27/02/2014 2014 Open Ladies Nominations Now Open
19/02/2014 PROFILES - February 2014 David Parker (Life Member)
20/01/2014 PROFILES: Wayne Pearce (President)
22/11/2013 2014 Lachlan United U/10 & U/11 Training Day/Trials
05/11/2013 Western NSW Mariners FC trials coming up
21/10/2013 New era begins for Parkes soccer
21/10/2013 2013 President's Report
21/10/2013 2013 Secretary's Report
21/10/2013 2013 Competition Secretary Report
21/10/2013 2013 Treasurers Report
23/09/2013 We need your support at our Annual General Meeting
19/09/2013 Central Coast Mariners NYL Squad in Western NSW
17/09/2013 Parkes represented in Football NSW Grand Finals
16/09/2013 2013 Grand Final Results
09/09/2013 Lachlan United trials are on this weekend
30/08/2013 Tichborne Tigers claim 2013 Parkes Cup
29/08/2013 Bathurst A-League Challenge TICKETS NOW ON SALE
21/08/2013 Summer Soccer Nominations Open
16/08/2013 2014 Lachlan United Coaching Applications NOW OPEN
08/08/2013 State Titles trials coming up
06/08/2013 Submit your photos to share on our Facebook page
22/07/2013 Youth Football Coaching Certificate
20/07/2013 Saturday 20/7/13 Soccer WASHED OUT
12/07/2013 Parkes Cup Semi Finals this Sunday
29/06/2013 Open Ladies Matches Cancelled
14/06/2013 Junior Soccer for Saturday 15 June is WASHED OUT
13/06/2013 2013 Referees Course
20/05/2013 May 2013 President's Report
17/05/2013 2013 Western Branch Trials
10/05/2013 Cameron awarded Life Membership of Parkes Referees branch
01/05/2013 **UPDATED -- 2013 Junior Teams
13/03/2013 Get to know our Executive team
25/02/2013 2013 Open Ladies Team nominations NOW OPEN
25/02/2013 2013 Junior Registration Days coming up
06/02/2013 Position to be filled at first meeting for 2013
16/01/2013 Central Coast Mariners National Youth League Competition Match in Mudgee on Sunday
20/12/2012 No smoking in spectator areas at public sports grounds
23/11/2012 Western NSW Mariners FC announce coaches for 2013 season
19/11/2012 Western NSW Mariners FC - Boy's/Men's Trials 2013
01/11/2012 Western NSW Mariners FC - Women's Trials 2013
30/10/2012 Western NSW Football - SAP Trials 2013
18/10/2012 President's letter to Football NSW regarding Competition Review
16/10/2012 Position still vacant after Annual General Meeting
24/09/2012 Annual General Meeting coming up
20/09/2012 Parkes Referees to officiate in Grand Finals
17/09/2012 Central Coast Mariners NYL Squad trial matches in Western NSW
17/09/2012 Parkes to host Lachlan All Age Grand Finals
06/09/2012 2012/13 Summer Soccer Nominations NOW OPEN
03/08/2012 2013 Lachlan United Coach Nominations Now Open
25/07/2012 Parkes Cup final round this Sunday
11/07/2012 2012 Parkes Gala (Carnival) Day Teams
05/07/2012 FIGHT CANCER! GAME ON: Lightning FC and Services prepare to do battle
28/06/2012 2012 Parkes Cup Update
16/06/2012 All Junior Soccer is off, Open Ladies still to play
07/06/2012 Parkes Carnival Team Trials
06/06/2012 School Holiday Clinic for July in Parkes
02/06/2012 Parkes Soccer Washed Out
30/05/2012 NOMINATIONS EXTENDED -- Grassroots Development Program
29/05/2012 Parkes Juniors to Represent Lachlan United at the Country Cup
26/05/2012 Gala Day (Carnival) Coach Applications Now Open
26/05/2012 Parkes Soccer Has Been Washed Out
09/05/2012 FREE Grassroots Coaching License
29/03/2012 Coaching Seminar
24/03/2012 2012 Open Ladies Team Nominations now open
12/03/2012 2012 Registration Days
09/02/2012 Coach Education Workshop
18/01/2012 Change to Kick-Off time for A-League match in Bathurst
17/01/2012 Hyundai A-League come to the west
16/08/2012 Junior Coaching Licence **CONFIRMED
24/08/2012 2013 Lachlan United Trials
14/12/2011 Summer Soccer now in recess
23/08/2012 2012 Parkes Cup Final
18/11/2011 Western NSW Football Futsal Trials
01/05/2012 Junior teams for 2012 season
18/10/2011 New era begins for soccer in Parkes
13/04/2012 Parkes Cup set to kick off
21/02/2012 Kevin joins the team
15/09/2011 Parkes Referees off to Grand Finals
12/09/2011 2011 Lachlan Grand Finals
17/10/2011 State Award Winners
07/09/2011 Parkes PCYC Representative Futsal Teams
05/09/2011 Last chance to register
10/08/2011 New Website Launched
30/08/2011 2011/12 Summer Soccer Nominations Now Open
25/08/2011 Grassroots Coaching Licence Coming Up
22/08/2011 Lachlan United trials for 2012 teams
20/08/2011 Soccer Called Off
17/08/2011 2012 Lachlan United Coaches Appointed
10/08/2011 Will You Help Us?
10/08/2011 Lachlan Coach Applications Now Open

Ground Status

Harrison Park is OPEN
Harrison Park Ground 6 is OPEN 
last updated 14 July 2015 at 10.23am

This refers to any training or matches held on these grounds.

Ground 6 is always CLOSED on Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for training however can be available for night games if requested.

Next Meeting

General Meeting
Monday 15 June 2015
Harrison Park, Parkes

Commencing at 7.30pm

Everyone is welcome to attend

Compulsory meeting for Open Ladies Teams. One representative from each Open Ladies team must attend.


To download the meeting information you can CLICK HERE

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Open Ladies Division 1


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