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22/04/2013 Dr. Robin Mitchell Reelected to ONOC Presidency
11/04/2013 2013 ONOC General Assembly
07/04/2013 15th IOC Sport for All conference
29/03/2013 Professional Development for senior sport administrators
22/03/2013 Job Vacancy - Program Assistant (OSEP)
06/03/2013 Rendezvous with a Leader
03/03/2013 Executive Board meets in Sydney
27/02/2013 Building skills of administrators - Oceania MOSO III training
07/11/2012 Executive Board Meets in Macau
15/07/2012 ONOC vacancy - Accounts Officer
21/06/2012 Call for joint implementation partnerships in the Pacific
13/06/2012 1st joint activity a huge success: SASNOC and SAF
29/05/2012 PRESS RELEASE: Samoa sport joins STOP HIV campaign
28/05/2012 ASC release the HITS Report of Proceedings
21/05/2012 Identifying needs of the communities
20/05/2012 Visible pathways for sport volunteers and professionals
18/05/2012 System Development Grant launched
18/05/2012 24 Community Educators receive first stage of training
23/04/2012 Setting criteria's for community coaches
23/04/2012 IOC and sport for development
23/04/2012 ONOC Sport Education Commission
17/04/2012 STOP HIV National Coordinator qualifies for London
12/04/2012 The Reporters' Academy and Your National Olympic Committee
30/03/2012 STOP HIV in Palau
30/03/2012 MEMOS XVI 2012-2013 Applications Out
27/03/2012 ONOC deliver Sport and Media Workshop at PINA Summit 2012
17/02/2012 Sisi’s Olympic Fighting Spirit
17/02/2012 Kiribati Boxers Visit Manchester United
13/01/2012 New Zealand - Winter Youth Olympics
13/01/2012 Austrlia at Innsbruck Winter Youth Olympic Games
17/12/2011 Cook Islands sport participant model
17/12/2011 Setting sport competency standards, is this the way to go?
09/12/2011 Numbers filing through VoA soar
08/12/2011 Voices of the Athletes at OPC with a twist
07/12/2011 Sport education project officer Vacancy in FSM
05/12/2011 STOP HIV takes the 'Next Step' in Trinidad & Tobago
02/12/2011 ONOC workshop in London
02/12/2011 Can sport be mainstreamed into Pacific Education systems?
30/11/2011 Regional Olympic Forum, London
28/11/2011 OSEP to link with SPBEA and National Accrediting Bodies
25/11/2011 Marshall Islands Kicks off its sport education program
15/11/2011 OSEP Learner Guide approach adopted by ASMC
13/11/2011 OSEP presents at ASMC Olympic Solidarity training
25/10/2011 NZL Olympic Centenary Celebrated
25/10/2011 NZOC Centenary and RWC Finals for Top Olympic Officials
21/10/2011 Strategizing for the future!
19/10/2011 SPC at the Regional STOP HIV Mapping and Planning Exercise
19/10/2011 STOP HIV Regional Mapping and Planning Exercise
19/10/2011 FASANOC builds STOP HIV Peer Leader base
29/09/2011 945 respondents!
27/09/2011 Press Release: Solomon Islands NOC
23/09/2011 NOC Audit Visit to Tuvalu
25/08/2011 Without sport there is no tool
18/08/2011 STOP HIV Scoping Mission to Samoa
15/08/2011 STOP HIV Scoping Mission to American Samoa
12/08/2011 Vanuatu ladies make waves in London Olympic test event
07/08/2011 Maister named in Pyeonchang Coordination Commission
05/08/2011 MEMOS XV accepts 4 Oceania administrators
31/07/2011 ONOC & FASANOC celebrate One Year to Go
28/07/2011 Vanuatu's Beach Volleyball team prepares for London 2012
13/07/2011 Webinar with UK Sport and global partners
12/07/2011 Latest NW Update on Nauru Boxers...
08/07/2011 Vanuatu Beach Ladies in Olympic Test Event
08/07/2011 Nauru Boxers in the UK
25/06/2011 MOSO Team Analyse CNMI & Nauru Bid proposals
21/06/2011 Major Sport Event session underway
20/06/2011 Marketing and Finance completed
20/06/2011 MOSO final session begins in Sydney
09/06/2011 Relocation of ONOC Suva Office
17/05/2011 PNG Swimmers off to USA
15/05/2011 Battle of London
15/05/2011 Betting activity not tolerated on Olympic Team
15/05/2011 Pioneer for women in sport honoured by AOC
01/05/2011 Marshalls NOC wins 2011 IOC Sport & Environment Award
26/04/2011 2012 ANOC General Assembly to be held in Moscow
26/04/2011 Oceania MOSO II course opens in Auckland
26/04/2011 FORU and ONOC sign historic agreement
30/03/2011 Sevens: Speeding into Sport’s Superhighway
25/03/2011 Olympic Spirit present in New Caledonia
24/03/2011 ONOC Meeting Papers online
24/03/2011 ONOC & OSFO Meetings in Noumea
11/03/2011 Ken Tupua new President of ASNOC
09/03/2011 Expression of Interest - OSEP project
08/03/2011 SAM Sec Gen wins seat in Parliament
02/03/2011 Comprehensive report on Sport Education Framework in Oceania
01/03/2011 Emotional Willis Accepts Silver
14/02/2011 Secretaries General Support Regional Initiatives
09/02/2011 Secretaries General Meeting
28/01/2011 New Guam NOC offices officially opened
27/01/2011 Notice of 2011 ONOC General Assembly
06/12/2010 OSEP Framework Review Underway in Pacific Harbour
04/12/2010 Welcome Ceremony: Solidarity Meeting
03/12/2010 Oceania hosts important Olympic Meeting
02/11/2010 ONOC Incorporation
20/10/2010 Vanuatu take Down the Giants
19/10/2010 ONOC in Acapulco
12/10/2010 Kenya upsets Samoa as fancied teams cruise into quarters
11/10/2010 Golden Night for Samoa
09/10/2010 Big Three dominate Medals
06/10/2010 28 Medals up for Grabs on Day 3
04/10/2010 Commonwealth Games Day One Action
30/09/2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi
26/08/2010 Silver medal for Nauru Boxer
24/08/2010 SYOG Bronze for Oceania
13/08/2010 Oceania Foundation names Samsung Athlete Scholarships
12/08/2010 Oceania MOSO II call for applications
12/08/2010 OSEP signs up with USP's Regional Centre for Continuing and Community Education
12/08/2010 CISNOC facilitators undergo OSEP Training
11/08/2010 Busy week for ONOC Staff
30/07/2010 Pacific Junior Tennis Finals
28/07/2010 OSEP conducts training for ASOP coordinators
22/07/2010 IOC and WHO strengthen partnership
22/07/2010 Guam takes part in FISU Rugby 7s
22/07/2010 2011 Universiade OC visits Fiji Universities
22/07/2010 FASANOC names new Secretary General /CEO
11/07/2010 Team Vanuatu
09/07/2010 Australian Youth Olympic Team
09/07/2010 Cook Islands sending large team to SYOG
09/07/2010 Nauru Delegation to SYOG
09/07/2010 Tonga to send 2 athletes to Singapore
09/07/2010 Team Fiji in Singapore
09/07/2010 American Samoa Team to SYOG
08/07/2010 FSM Team to Singapore
08/07/2010 OSEP presents at 1st Oceania Physical Education Conference in Suva, Fiji
06/07/2010 Women and Sports Oceania Newsletter # 3
26/06/2010 Technical experts review the OSEP framework
26/06/2010 FSM begin their project design
08/06/2010 Website Stats make interesting reading
08/06/2010 Four Young Reporters selected for Singapore Youth Olympics
08/06/2010 ONOC Duo presents at UN / IOC Forum
05/05/2010 Joanna Scores LOCOG Gig.
23/04/2010 VASANOC expresses their condolences to Samaranch family
23/04/2010 PNGSF & NOC tribute to President Samaranch
23/04/2010 FASANOC pays tribute to President Samaranch
23/04/2010 AOC pays tribute to Juan Antonio Samaranch
23/04/2010 ONOC tribute to President Samaranch
21/04/2010 Death of IOC Honorary President Juan Antonio Samaranch
07/04/2010 OSEP assists FRU develop rugby specific admin course
28/03/2010 Anti-doping concerns
28/03/2010 ONOC Constitution
28/03/2010 Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) signs MOU with ONOC
28/03/2010 ONOC/OSFO Workshops Day Four
27/03/2010 ONOC/OSFO Workshops Day Two and Three
25/03/2010 ONOC/OSFO Workshops Day One
19/03/2010 Women and Sports Oceania Newsletter # 2
16/03/2010 OSEP Presents at Pacific Youth & Sport Conference
16/03/2010 2010 ONOC General Assembly Agenda
25/02/2010 FSMNOC Annual General Meeting
17/02/2010 Joint OSEP and STOP HIV Curriculum piloted in Suva
13/02/2010 Barry Maister IOC Member in New Zealand
11/02/2010 Nanjing to host 2nd edition of Summer Youth Olympic Games
11/02/2010 122nd IOC Session begins in Vancouver
28/01/2010 OSEP partners Samoa Sport for development program
24/01/2010 ORADO hosts regional DCO Training programme
06/01/2010 Port Moresby mourns death of top PNG icon
06/01/2010 Farewell to Florence
24/12/2009 2009 Olympic Solidarity Update
05/12/2009 Olympic Solidarity Meetings in Lausanne
05/12/2009 ONOC Representatives in London
04/12/2009 Crewe Representatives Visit Vanuatu
26/11/2009 PNG Games a Huge Success
21/11/2009 Barry Maister chairs OSEP Management Committee meeting
20/11/2009 PNG Games Spectacular Opening
17/11/2009 PNG Games to Open on Thursday 19th November
17/11/2009 Inaugural Naoero Games a Hit
27/10/2009 Oceania MOSO 1 final session in progress
22/10/2009 Minikin is king
13/10/2009 Coates elected to IOC Executive Board
11/10/2009 XIII Olympic Congress, Copenhagen
05/10/2009 MEMOS projects available on-line
03/10/2009 Its Rio
30/09/2009 Voices of the Athletes in the Cook Islands
26/09/2009 Oceania Retains the Madella Award
25/09/2009 Olympic Congress
22/09/2009 Pacific Sports Ministers' Meeting Communique
20/09/2009 Nauru NOC President new USP Chancellor
17/09/2009 Teen reporters at the Pacific Mini Games
10/09/2009 Rugby partners OSEP in education
10/09/2009 Minikin to present in Lausanne
10/09/2009 Friendship.. sportsmanship... gender balance... self-discipline
08/09/2009 STOP HIV in Bali
29/08/2009 Oceania Tennis Federation Meeting
28/08/2009 Delegates Gather in Port Moresby
22/08/2009 Inaugural NZ Winter Games opens in Queenstown
15/08/2009 America honours Gosper with Olive Branch Award
14/08/2009 Golf and Rugby recommended for 2016 program
07/08/2009 Regional Olympic Values Education in Suva Fiji
06/08/2009 Sports Journalists workshop, Port Vila VANUATU
06/08/2009 Oceania Women and Sport Forum
02/08/2009 Women in sports workshop in Guam
29/07/2009 Apia Sport and Environment workshop
23/07/2009 ONOC hosting 4 workshops in July
21/07/2009 Manchester begins hosting Australian training camp
21/07/2009 ONOC Executive meets in Guam
19/07/2009 Olympic swimming squad splashdown in Liverpool
17/07/2009 ONOC Executive Meeting in Guam
17/07/2009 STOP HIV misses out on Beyond Sports Awards
24/06/2009 New Zealand to honour its Olympians
16/05/2009 ORADO Board Meets in Nukualofa
11/05/2009 Coates re-elected AOC President
07/05/2009 Olympian and Millennium CEO New President
04/05/2009 ONOC Athletes Commission meets in Port Vila
04/05/2009 ONOC Office in transition
04/05/2009 ONOC President visits Cook Is NOC
04/05/2009 Former PM is the new CISNOC President
29/04/2009 STOP HIV shortlisted for Beyond Sport Awards
02/04/2009 Regional Olympic Forum
01/04/2009 2009 - 2012 ONOC Medical Commission
01/04/2009 2009 - 2012 ONOC Executive Board
30/03/2009 MOSO Pilot project continues in Queenstown
30/03/2009 Vidhya Lakhan reelected for further 2 year term
17/03/2009 Awerika elected new President of the Kiribati NOC
14/03/2009 Olympic Council of Asia opens new Headquarters
14/03/2009 Tapasu and Niko reelected at SASNOC Assembly
08/03/2009 Tonga and Kiribati administrators visit ONOC
03/03/2009 Nominations for ONOC Executive positions
01/03/2009 Palau Executives returned for a further term
01/03/2009 Tonga NOC Elections
16/02/2009 Tribute to Judy Patching
16/02/2009 Passing of Olympic Legend: Judy Patching
13/02/2009 ONOC Teams visit Solomon Is NOC (NOCSI)
30/01/2009 ONOC Vice President retains GNOC Presidency
30/01/2009 Nauru President wins NOC Presidency
27/01/2009 Australian Swimming to train in Manchester for 2012 Games
25/01/2009 American Samoa NOC Elections
24/01/2009 Successful 5th Australian Youth Festival, Sydney 2009
05/01/2009 2009-2012 Olympic Solidarity Guidelines published
05/01/2009 2009 Australian Youth Olympic Festival, Sydney
04/12/2008 ONOC Executive Meeting in Melbourne
29/11/2008 6 Offices of Olympic Solidarity meet in Rome
29/11/2008 Samoa secures 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games
24/11/2008 WADA Meets in Montreal
15/11/2008 15 countries in Oceania sign up with Northwest
14/11/2008 ANOC Working Group meets in Paris
31/10/2008 ONOC issues communique after Suva Meeting
31/10/2008 Increased funding for ONOC in 2009 - 2012
30/10/2008 ONOC Secretaries General meeting in Suva
29/10/2008 MOSO Pilot project gets underway in Suva
27/09/2008 Auvita Wins Award
30/07/2008 Tonga's Beijing Preparations
29/07/2008 ONOC News from Beijing
29/07/2008 IOC Unveils the Ultimate Olympic Reference
28/07/2008 Countdown to Beijing
28/07/2008 Team Vanuatu Prepares for Beijing
15/07/2008 Successful weightlifting campaign for Beijing
22/06/2008 Dika Toua Lifts an Island
17/06/2008 FILA announces names of wrestlers qualified for Be
13/06/2008 Oceania HIV Education Newsletter
07/06/2008 ORADO attends 5th Asian Intergovernmental meeting
07/06/2008 Oceania NOCs in Sydney preDRM meetings
21/05/2008 Busy Times Ahead as Beijing Looms
21/05/2008 2008 AGM Success
05/04/2008 ANOC General Assembly Beijing 2008
14/03/2008 ONOC Meetings get underway in Nadi
09/03/2008 Oceania Football, ONOC & UNAIDS promote HIV awaren
09/03/2008 IOC honours Malaysian Sports Minister in Jordan
01/03/2008 Olympic Football Qualifications get underway
01/03/2008 2008 ONOC General Assembly, Nadi, Fiji
23/02/2008 ONOC Athletes Commission meets in Auckland
27/01/2008 2008 ONOC General Assembly, Nadi, Fiji

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2012 Pre Olympic Workshop

Welcome Team Oceania

Summary of North West - Oceania relationship London 2012

Oceania Olympic visit - London 2012

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ONOC General Assembly, Sheraton of Fiji Resort, Nadi, FIJI

17 - 19th April  Regional Olympic Forum (Olympic Solidarity)

                     ONOC / OSFO Workshops

19th April        OSFO General Assembly 

20th April        ONOC General Assembly 

21st April        Workshops

Oceania Regional Antidoping Agency

21st April        TUE Workshop & Media Workshop

22nd April        ORADO Board Meeting

23rd April        ORADO Board Meeting continues

Oceania Athletes Forum, Sonaisali Resort, Nadi, Fiji

21st April        Arrival of delegates

22 - 24th April  Athletes Forum




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