Thank you for contacting the Aztec Tigers Basketball Club!

We are one of the largest and fastest growing domestic basketball clubs in regional Victoria, and we aim to give every member the most enjoyable basketball experience possible.


Interested in joining the club?

The following online form should be used to register your expression of interest. Your details will the be made available to coaches in the appropriate age group:

Players can still join and be registered for a team after the season has commenced. Once placed in a team you will receive and email invitation to join, so be sure to include your email address in the form!


Have You Paid Your Club Fees?

Players are required to register and pay club fees each season. These fees must be paid within the first couple of weeks of grading and hence are due in March and October each year. Players failing to pay club fees will be prevented from registering with the club in following seasons.


Are You Registered With the BBA?

Players are required to be registered with the BBA before they can join the competition. This is an annual cost that will cover two seasons. Use the following link:

BBA Player Registration Forms

Your Uniform

The Club website now has a dedicated page on uniforms:  CLICK HERE


Basketball In Bendigo - Essential Information

The following guide provides information that will answer many questions about how the Bendigo domestic competition operates. This is a must-read for all new members!