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Interested in joining the club?

To enquire about joining Aztec Tigers please complete the following online form:

Players can still join and be registered for a team after the season has commenced. If you are placed in a team you will receive an email asking you to join a team.


Are You Registered?

Players are required to be registered with the BBA before they can join the competition. This is an annual cost that will cover two seasons. Use the following link:

BBA Player Registration Forms

Players are also required to register with the club and pay club Fees each season. Club fees are currently $35 per season and cover the cost of court hire and training equipment. These fees must be paid within the first couple of weeks of grading and hence are due in March and October each year. Use the following link to register and pay:

 Aztec Club Fees - Winter 2015


Your Uniform

The Aztec Tigers now have an updated uniform and all players are required to wear it.

NEW uniforms can be sampled via Steve Kelly at Step in Sports 

PH: 0408 509 830 
78 Hattam Street, Golden Square.

Please speak to your team contact before placing an order!

SECOND HAND uniforms can be found via the following Facebook group


BBA Domestic Competition - Essential Information


The following guide provides information that will answer many questions about how the domestic competition operates:


  BBA Domestic Competition - Essential Information