Teams in Vardon Soccer

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Vardon Chargers 9  (Waikato Junior 9th Grade Champ Div 3)

Vardon Chargers 9  (Waikato Jnr 9th Grade Prelim Div 1b)

Vardon Rockets 8  (Waikato Junior 8th grade Black)

Vardon Strikers 10  (Waikato Junior 10th Grade Champ Div 8)

Vardon Strikers 10  (Waikato Jnr 10th Grade Prelim Div 3b)

Vardon Thundercats 7  (Waikato Jnr 7th Grade Yellow )

Vardon Wizards 11  (Waikato Junior 11th Grade Champ Div 4)

Vardon Wizards 11  (Waikato Jnr 11th Grade Prelim Div 2b)

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