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Welcome to the HORSHAM SAINTS VCFL website in 2014.




a huge congratulations to the following winners
Angus Gove Under 14 - Football Best & Fairest
Joel Richards Under 17 - League Leading Goal Kicker
Casey Weyburg Under 15B - Rising Star Award
Anesu Gororo Under 13 - 3rd place Best & Fairest




The Horsham Saints Football Netball Club is pleased to announce the reappointment of Shayne Breuer as senior coach for the 2015 season. This is a great opportunity for the club and Shayne to continue in the development of our current players. The club would also like to announce that Alexander McRae will return as Shayne's assistant coach for season 2015 we wish them both all the very best for the remainder of this season and next season.



The club will be using this site in conjunction with our new facebook page for the bulk of our communication with our members, footballers and netballers through out the year.

You may notice some changes to the site to previous years mainly in the navagation system so please have a look around from time to time to keep in touch with what is going on at this great club of ours.

Under the news tab you will find a link to our club newsletter which will be posted on here each month so have a brouse and get the latest info of what is going on at the club.

We welcome back our loyal and true sponsors of this great club and hope they all have an enjoyable year ahead.

We trust that all our supporters and members will support our wonderful sponsors in season 2014.

 We trust you have a good year of playing or supporting our club in any way shape or form and we look forward to catching up with you through out the year.

 Go SAINTS !!!



Please read the notice below thanks.

The clubs new email address is up and running and in use if you need to get in touch with us via mail please do so.




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Ladder Seniors

2014 Seniors
1 Horsham 52
2 Horsham Saints 48
3 Warrack Eagles 48
4 Minyip Murtoa 40
5 Ararat 32
6 Dimboola 28
7 Stawell 8
8 Nhill 0

Ladder Reserves

WFL Reserves 2014
1 Horsham Saints 56
2 Dimboola 56
3 Horsham 36
4 Warrack Eagles 36
5 Nhill 32
6 Minyip Murtoa 24
7 Ararat 8
8 Stawell 8

Ladder Under 17s

Wimmera Football League U17 2014
1 Horsham 60
2 Stawell 52
3 Horsham Saints 44
4 Ararat 44
5 Minyip Murtoa 24
6 Nhill 20
7 Warrack Eagles 8
8 Dimboola 4

Ladder Under 14s

Wimmera Football League U14 2014
1 Horsham Saints 64
2 Ararat 52
3 Stawell 48
4 Horsham 32
5 Warrack Eagles 28
6 Nhill 20
7 Minyip Murtoa 8
8 Dimboola 4