Teams in Ashfield Futsal

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"Planeteers"  (All Age Men's)

"Saints"  (Youth Boy's)

"Strikers"  (Under 11/12's Girl's)

"The Rockets"  (Summer U6/7's Gold)

"Vamos"  (Under 11/12's Girl's)

"Vixens"  (Under 11/12's Girl's)

Bad Boy's   (All Age - Men's)

Balmain Colts  (Under 11/12's Girl's)

Beast FC  (Under 14/15's Boy's)

Because We Can  (All Age - Men's)

Bench Stretchers  (All Age - Men's)

Previously Associated Competitions

Bench Stretchers  (All Age Mixed)

Bench Warmers  (Under 11/12's Girl's)

Cheetahs  (Summer U6/7's Gold)

Cougars  (All Age Mixed)

Crouching Tigers  (Summer U6/7's Gold)

Da Boizz  (Under 14/15's Boy's)

Delta Force  (All Age Men's)

Diebold FC  (All Age - Men's)

Eurotrash  (All Age - Men's)

FC Moretti  (All Age Men's)

FSC United  (All Age - Men's)

Gol FC  (Under 9's)

Grass Hoppers  (Summer 6/7's Green)

Haberfield Hornets  (Summer 6/7's Green)

Happy Endings  (All Age - Men's)

Happy Monday  (All Age Mixed)

Heskey FC  (Youth Boy's)

In Your Face  (All Age Mixed)

Inner West  (All Age Men's)

Lewo FC  (All Age - Men's)

Lightning   (Summer 6/7's Green)

M & M's  (All Age Mixed)

M & M's  (Summer U6/7's Gold)

Previously Associated Competitions

M & M's  (Under 14/15's Boy's)

Mean Machine  (All Age Mixed)

Pin Pals  (All Age Men's)

Predators  (Under 14/15's Boy's)

Ps5's  (Under 14/15's Boy's)

Red Stars  (Youth Boy's)

Spandau Ballet  (All Age - Men's)

Swedish Dive  (All Age - Men's)

Team Gewd  (All Age Men's)

The Flying Lions  (Summer U6/7's Gold)

The Foxes  (Under 11/12's Girl's)

The Foxes  (Summer 6/7's Green)

The Immortals  (Under 11/12's Girl's)

The Potlucks  (All Age Mixed)

The Sharknados  (Summer U6/7's Gold)

The Spartans  (Under 14/15's Boy's)

The Thunderbolts  (Under 14/15's Boy's)

Thirsty Camels  (Under 14/15's Boy's)

Thunder  (Summer 6/7's Green)

Tigers  (Under 9's)

Previously Associated Competitions

Tigers  (Under 8's)

Wii Unfit  (All Age - Men's)

Wild Cats  (Under 11/12's Girl's)

Wolves  (Summer 6/7's Green)

WTC FC  (All Age Men's)