Teams in General Club

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#TAG  (Wed Mixed)

2 ARSY  (Mixed Div 4)

49 ER'S  (Men's Div 6)

A.D.S AUTO  (Men's Div 5)

ALL DUCT UP  (Men's Div 9)

ALL SORTS  (Mixed Div 10)

AUSSIE COUGARS  (Men's Div 1/2)

AUTOWEST  (Men's Div 10)

B.P.S  (Men's Div 5)

BALLS DEEP  (Wed Mixed)

BEARS  (Mixed Div 2)


BIN BUDDIES  (Men's Div 10)

BLOWINS  (Mixed Div 7)

BRIGGS LIQUOR  (Mixed Div 10)

C U NXT THURS  (Men's Div 8)

CARNAGE  (Mixed Div 6)

CHIX'N'DIX  (Mixed Div 4)

CNC AIR  (Men's Div 1/2)

COMP B  (Men's Div 7)

CROPDOGZ  (Mixed Div 7)

D-BUILD  (Men's Div 8)

DARK KNIGHTS  (Men's Div 6)

DK  (Wed Mixed)

ENTERTAINERS  (Men's Div 1/2)

ENUFF SAID  (Men's Div 4)

F.T.B  (Men's Div 10)

FOOTLONGS  (Men's Div 8)

FOXY CHYNAHS  (Mixed Div 2)

G3 SQUAD  (Men's Div 4)

Previously Associated Competitions

G3 SQUAD  (Men's Div 10)

GLORY DAYS  (Men's Div 10)

GO H.A.M  (Men's Div 6)

GORGONITES  (Men's Div 10)

GRASS BURNERS  (Men's Div 3)

GRASS FEETS  (Men's Div 8)

GUNNERS  (Mixed Div 7)

HAKUNA MATATA  (Mixed Div 9)

HASHTAG  (Premier)

HASTAGS  (Wed Mixed)

HIT AND RUN  (Mixed Div 3)

HITTING HOLES  (Men's Div 7)

HOWZ IT FEEL  (Mixed Div 3)

IDFWU  (Mixed Div 5)

J&R COATINGS  (Men's Div 4)

JOEL'S HAIR  (Men's Div 10)

JUST 4 FUN  (Mixed Div 4)

JUST US  (Mixed Div 8)

JUST US  (Men's Div 9)

KERBINATORS  (Mixed Div 7)

KNOCKOUT  (Men's Div 1/2)

MIGHTY DUCKS  (Men's Div 7)

MINGER SLAYERS  (Men's Div 1/2)

MISFITS  (Mixed Div 4)

MOOSE PACK  (Men's Div 8)

NAILERS  (Mixed Div 5)

NUMNUTS  (Men's Div 3)

OAK DOGS  (Men's Div 7)

OLD SKOOL  (Men's Div 9)

ON POINT  (Mixed Div 8)

PEEL THIS  (Men's Div 6)

PELICANS  (Mixed Div 5)

PENETRATORS  (Mixed Div 6)

PENGUINS  (Mixed Div 8)

PEPTIDES  (Wed Mixed)

PINK BITS  (Mixed Div 2)

PLAYMORE  (Mixed Div 3)

PRESTIGE  (Men's Div 10)

PUB CREW  (Mixed Div 5)

PUMAS  (Men's Div 7)


RANGERS  (Men's Div 10)

REAL MVP'S  (Wed Mixed)

RED NINJAS  (Mixed Div 6)

REF'S FAULT  (Mixed Div 9)


SCOREGASMZ  (Mixed Div 4)

SHAMELESS  (Mixed Div 10)

SHONKS  (Men's Div 1/2)

SLAYERS  (Mixed Div 6)

SPURGEONS  (Men's Div 5)

SUICIDE SQUAD  (Mixed Div 9)

SWIMART  (Men's Div 1/2)

T'S AND B'S  (Mixed Div 6)

TAG ME HARDER  (Mixed Div 7)

TAG TEAM  (Men's Div 7)

TAGGED IT  (Mixed Div 8)

TAGSTERS  (Mixed Div 3)

TEAM FEHT  (Mixed Div 3)

THE LOCALS  (Men's Div 1/2)

THE MOB  (Wed Mixed)

THE SQUAD  (Mixed Div 2)

THE SQUAD  (Men's Div 8)

THE TEAM NAME  (Mixed Div 9)

THE WIGGLES  (Mixed Div 8)

THE WOBBALIES  (Men's Div 5)

THE WOLFPACK  (Men's Div 7)

TIPSY TURTLES  (Men's Div 1/2)

TOUGH LUCK  (Mixed Div 7)

TROOPERS  (Mixed Div 9)

TURBO TURTLES  (Mixed Div 10)

U.T.C  (Premier)

UNITED  (Mixed Div 2)

WARRIORS  (Men's Div 3)

WARRIORS  (Wed Mixed)

WE DEM BOYS  (Men's Div 6)

WE HAVE BOB  (Men's Div 4)

WHITE CLOVERS  (Men's Div 9)

Wii Not Fit  (Mixed Div 5)

WOOD CHUCKS  (Men's Div 6)

YIN YANG  (Men's Div 3)

YOUNG STARS  (Mixed Div 8)