Teams in Christchurch Futsal

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Al-Shabab FC(Sunday Senior Division 1)

Andres Santos FC(Sunday Senior Division 1)

CCCI(Wednesday Men)

CCCIA(Wednesday Men)

CCCIA(Wednesday Men)

Cesc in the city(Sunday Senior Division 1)

CR7(Sunday Junior)

FC LUCE(Wednesday Men)

Galcaticos(Sunday Youth B/C)


Inter Yanan(Sunday Senior Division 1)

Madrid(Sunday Youth B/C)

Mercosur (Sunday Senior Division 1)

Mighty 5(Sunday Youth A)

Mini B's FC(Sunday Senior Division 1)

Panic Haus(Wednesday Mixed)

Pitches be crazy (Sunday Senior Division 1)

Possums(Senior Womens)

Predators(Sunday Youth B/C)

Rebels(Wednesday Men)

Rolls Reus(Wednesday Mixed)

Spirit 7(Sunday Youth B/C)

Stac Remix(Sunday Youth B/C)

TBC(Wednesday Mixed)

Team One(Sunday Youth A)

The Expendables (Sunday Senior Division 1)

The Team(Sunday Youth A)

United(Sunday Junior)

XLr8(Wednesday Mixed)

Your Local Brewers(Sunday Senior Division 1)