Teams in Christchurch Futsal

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AJ Futsal Club  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

All Shites  (Wednesday Mens B)

Bayern Neverlusen  (Sunday Senior Mens)

BBC  (Wednesday Mens B)

Cathedral Year 10 A  (Wednesday Boys 9-10)

Coastal Magic  (Sunday Youth C)

Electric Blue  (Wednesday Mixed)

FC Bahías  (Sunday Youth C)

Footy Ninjas  (Sunday Youth C)

Fughzsd  (Wednesday Mens A)

High Voltage  (Sunday Youth B)

Kickin Bits  (Sunday Youth A)

Licorice Allsorts  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

Linwood College  (Wednesday Boys 11-13)

linwood College Womens  (Wednesday Girls 11-13)

Mainland Misfits  (Wednesday Mixed)

MDGR A  (Wednesday Boys 11-13)

MDGR Y11  (Wednesday Boys 11-13)

Men In Black  (Sunday Junior Development)

Men In Black  (Sunday Youth A)

Middleton Grange Y9  (Wednesday Boys 9-10)

Pele's Team  (Wednesday Mixed)

Possums  (Sunday Senior Division 2)

Rebels  (Wednesday Mens B)

Red Assassins  (Wednesday Mens B)

REVOLUTION!  (Sunday Youth B)

Rudolf Steiner  (Wednesday Boys 9-10)

Saints FC  (Sunday Senior Division 2)

SBHS 'A'  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

SBHS 'B'  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

SBHS Junior  (Sunday Youth A)

SBHS Junior 'A'  (Wednesday Boys 9-10)

SBHS Junior 'B'  (Wednesday Boys 9-10)

SBHS Senior 'A'  (Wednesday Boys 11-13)

SBHS Senior 'B'  (Wednesday Boys 11-13)

Spirit 7  (Sunday Youth C)

St Andrew's College  (Sunday Senior Division 2)

The Gunners  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

The Mavericks  (Sunday Youth B)

The Team  (Sunday Youth B)

Previously Associated Competitions

The Team  (Sunday Youth C)

The Team  (Sunday Youth B)

ThunderShotz  (Sunday Junior A)

ThunderStrikz  (Sunday Youth A)

Tiki Taka FC  (Sunday Youth C)

Wills Team  (Sunday Youth C)