Teams in Christchurch Futsal

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A3 Milan  (Sunday Youth C)

Absolute Legends  (Sunday Youth B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Absolute Legends  (Sunday Youth A)

All Shites  (Wednesday Men B)

All Stars  (Sunday Junior B)

Avengers  (Sunday Youth B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Avengers  (Sunday Youth C)

Bayern Neverlusen   (Sunday Senior Mens)

Bays Beasts  (Sunday Youth B)

BLACK BEER'S  (Senior Div 1)

Previously Associated Competitions

BLACK BEER'S  (Sunday Senior Mens)

Cake  (Wednesday Men A)

Cara O Cruz  (Wednesday Men B)

Cash Tech  (Sunday Youth B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Cash Tech  (Sunday Youth A)

Cathleen Test  (Wednesday Men A)

Coastal Magic  (Sunday Youth B)

Electric Blue  (Wednesday Mixed)

FC LUCE  (Wednesday Men B)

Footy Ninjas  (Sunday Youth C)

Previously Associated Competitions

Footy Ninjas  (Sunday Youth B)

Futbol Sala  (Sunday Junior B)

Futsal Ninjas  (Sunday Youth C)

Govan  (Wednesday Mixed)

Halswell United  (Sunday Junior A)

High Voltage  (Sunday Youth B)

IFANZ  (Sunday Junior B)

IFANZ2  (Sunday Junior A)

Previously Associated Competitions

IFANZ2  (Sunday Junior B)

JK's Team  (Sunday Junior A)

Kickin Bits  (Sunday Youth A)

Madrid  (Sunday Youth C)

Mainland Misfits  (Wednesday Mixed)

Mercosur  (Senior Div 1)

Messi7  (Sunday Youth A)

Mini Messies  (Sunday Junior B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Mini Messies  (Sunday Junior A)

Nomad 7  (Sunday Youth A)

Previously Associated Competitions

Nomad 7  (Sunday Youth B)

nomad boys   (Sunday Youth A)

Not Sure  (Wednesday Men A)

Pele's Team  (Wednesday Mixed)

Pies FC   (Wednesday Men A)

Possums  (Senior Div 1)

Possums  (Wednesday Mixed)

R1+X  (Sunday Youth A)

R1+X Mentors  (Sunday Senior Mens)

Rebels  (Wednesday Men B)

Red  (Sunday Junior A)

Red Assassins  (Wednesday Men B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Red Assassins  (Wednesday Men A)

Spanish Giants  (Sunday Youth C)

Spirit 7  (Sunday Youth C)

SUFC Black  (Sunday Junior B)

SUFC Blue  (Sunday Junior A)

The Gunners  (Senior Div 1)

The Gunners  (Wednesday Men A)

The Mavericks  (Sunday Youth C)

ThunderBlastz  (Sunday Youth A)

ThunderShotz  (Sunday Junior A)

ThunderStrikz  (Sunday Youth A)

Previously Associated Competitions

ThunderStrikz  (Sunday Youth B)

x  (Sunday Youth A)

Xcelr8  (Wednesday Mixed)

Young Guns  (Sunday Junior A)