Teams in Christchurch Futsal

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All Shites(Wednesday Mens B)

BBUFC(Wednesday Mens B)

CCCI(Wednesday Mens B)

FC LUCE(Wednesday Mens B)

Justice League(Sunday Junior)

Previously Associated Competitions

Justice League(Sunday Youth A)

Linwood A(Wednesday Mens A)

Madrid(Sunday Youth C)

Mighty 5(Sunday Youth B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Mighty 5(Sunday Youth A)

Not Sure(Wednesday Mens A)

Panic Haus(Wednesday Mixed)

Puma FC(Sunday Youth C)

Rebels(Wednesday Mens B)

SASFC(Sunday Junior)

SASFC 2(Sunday Junior)

Shirley Boys HS(Sunday Youth A)

Previously Associated Competitions

Shirley Boys HS(Sunday Junior)

Spirit 7(Sunday Youth C)

Team One(Sunday Youth A)

The Team(Sunday Youth A)

Waimak Red Devils(Sunday Youth C)

Previously Associated Competitions

Waimak Red Devils(Sunday Youth A)