Teams in Christchurch Futsal

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About 2 b kicked SMD  (Sunday Senior Division 2)

AJ Futsal Club  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

Al-Shabab FC  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

All Shites  (Wednesday Mens B)

Allstarz  (Wednesday Mens B)

BBC  (Wednesday Mens A)

Catunda FC  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

Catunda FSC   (Sunday Senior Division 1)

CCCI  (Wednesday Mens B)

Clansmen  (Wednesday Mens B)

Electric Blue  (Wednesday Mixed)

Expected Toulouse  (Wednesday Mens B)

FC LUCE  (Wednesday Mens A)

Footy Ninjas  (Sunday Youth B)

Geeks On Court  (Sunday Youth B)

GOLDEN BOOTZ  (Sunday Youth C)

Green Arrows  (Wednesday Mens A)

Previously Associated Competitions

Green Arrows  (Wednesday Mens B)

hallswell utd  (Sunday Youth C)

hallswell utd  (Sunday Youth C)

Halswell Utd  (Sunday Youth C)

High Voltage  (Sunday Youth B)

Insert Name Here  (Wednesday Mens B)

Internationals United   (Wednesday Mens A)

Previously Associated Competitions

Internationals United   (Sunday Youth C)

James's Juniors  (Sunday Senior Division 2)

Justice League  (Sunday Youth C)

Lads on Toure  (Sunday Youth A)

Liverpool FC  (Sunday Senior Division 2)

Madrid  (Sunday Youth C)

Mainland Misfits  (Wednesday Mixed)

Mercosur  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

Mighty 5  (Sunday Youth B)

Mini B's  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

Not sure  (Wednesday Mens A)

Oompa Loompas  (Wednesday Mixed)

Pele's Team  (Wednesday Mixed)

Phantom Five  (Sunday Youth B)

Possums  (Sunday Senior Division 2)

Rebels  (Wednesday Mens B)

Red Assassins  (Wednesday Mens B)

Red Assassins  (Wednesday Mens B)

REVOLUTION!  (Sunday Youth A)

Previously Associated Competitions

REVOLUTION!  (Sunday Senior Division 2)

Saints FC  (Sunday Senior Division 2)

Spanish Giants  (Sunday Youth B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Spanish Giants  (Sunday Youth C)

Spirit 7  (Sunday Youth C)

Sweat FC  (Sunday Youth A)

Team One  (Sunday Youth B)

The Black Outs  (Sunday Youth C)

The Mavericks  (Sunday Youth A)

Previously Associated Competitions

The Mavericks  (Sunday Youth B)

The Team  (Sunday Youth B)

Thru the Middle  (Wednesday Mixed)

ThunderBlastz  (Sunday Senior Division 2)

ThunderShotz  (Sunday Youth C)

Thunderstrikz  (Sunday Youth A)

Turkey  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

Turkey  (Sunday Senior Division 1)

XLr8  (Wednesday Mixed)

Your Local Brewers  (Sunday Senior Division 1)