Teams in Lions Basketball Club Inc.

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Lions  (U14 Boys Grading)

Lions  (U8 Mixed)

Lions  (U10 Upper Mixed)

Lions  (U14A Girls)

Previously Associated Competitions

Lions  (U14B Girls)

Lions  (U14B Boys)

Lions  (U18A Boys)

Lions  (U8 Mixed)

Lions 1  (U12A Girls)

Previously Associated Competitions

Lions 1  (U12B Girls)

Lions 1  (U16A Girls)

Previously Associated Competitions

Lions 1  (U16B Girls)

Lions 1  (U12B Boys)

Lions 1  (U16B Boys)

Lions 2  (U12B Girls)

Lions 2  (U16C Boys)

Lions 2  (U16B Girls)

Lions 2  (U12C Boys)

Lions BU  (A Reserve Men)

Lions DD  (B Reserve Women)

Lions SB  (Masters Men)

Lions VB  (B Reserve Women)

Notice Board

The Lions Basketball Club Committee would like to wish all our membere success in the 2014 Winter season.

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